Restaurant Review – Big Easy Bar & Grill

Big Easy is housed in a very modern, homely and airy space with a terrace overlooking the breathtaking golf course. The natural overtones, brick walls and wooden flooring all come together to reflect the warmth that Big Easy has to offer. We were welcomed by a very friendly hostess who guided us to our table and server for the day – Ashwin.

The buffet was, without exaggeration, enormous! We loved how different stations were spaciously set with open kitchens so we could watch the culinary team as they create they own gastronomical masterpieces.  The extensive menu has a lot to offer, however the specialty of this place is the freshness of the food. Our server, Ashwin, was interning at Big Easy and we loved how he made us feel welcomed, chatted us up every once in a while and continuously checked if we were comfortable and enjoying the food.

Big Easy (24)Big Easy (2)

We started off the salad station with over 30+ varieties of salads. This doesn’t happen very often, but the salad station seemed to be one of our favorite stations in the entire buffet. We noticed that the chefs liked to incorporate feta in most of the dishes (not that we’re complaining) and they kept the dressings very minimal in an effort to appreciate the freshness of the produce they use.
Must Try: Pear with feta cheese, Stuffed Mushrooms, Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Horseradish sauce and the Thai Chili Prawn Salad (we went for seconds for these).

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They had separate LIVE stations for Pasta, Scallops and Foie Gras, Japanese Teriyaki and the Grills. At the Scallops and Foie Gras counter the chef was very precise with the cooking time and this is what makes the scallops melt in your mouth.
The Grills counter had a display of Tiger Prawns, Salmon, Sea-bass, Rib-eye and Lamb Chops. All you got to do is specify, if necessary, how you want your meat cooked and the flavor/sauce you prefer.

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Little did we know that what we had seen was only half of it, after noticing another room adjacent to kitchen we quickly scrambled to have a look only to discover a whole lot more of personalized stations.
A station that immediately caught our eyes with its unique set up was the Ceaser Salad station where the salad was prepared in a giant cheese wheel.
There was also a Thai station where you can get your own Tom Yum soup as per your liking with the various condiments, An Indian station serving Biryani and authentic Indian gravies, a South African dish serving Babootie and Boerewors which were really flavorful, and last but not least, a Prime Rib station served with Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy (I know right?).

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The Dessert station was without a doubt the most perfect end to the entire meal, we were unfortunately too late to try out the Crème Brule since they ran out of it, but the Mango Charlotte totally made up for it!

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We don’t see why you shouldn’t visit this place at least once; Big Easy comprises perfect food, ambience, music and service. We even enjoyed lounging on the terrace after brunch, taking in the beautiful view and enjoying the peaceful aura that Big Easy offers. It is truly an escape, something that would definitely make your weekend.

The Bill (pp):
Bubbly Brunch : AED 475 inclusive of selected French bubbly
House Beverage Brunch: AED 375 inclusive of house beverages
Soft Beverage Brunch: AED 275 inclusive of mocktails and selected soft drinks.

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service : 4.5/ 5
Value: 3/5

Overall :
4 - New

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Big Easy Bar & Grill

  1. Excellent Review….. Price seems to be on the Higher side…… A lovely spread at Atlantis is around AED 185….. A single person cannot eat all the options available….. so Big Easy should have ideally rationalised the pricing based on how much a person can eat Vs their cost…….

    1. Thanks alot Clynton 😀
      Yes we do understand the prices are relatively high, which is why we scored the value of Big Easy on a lower scale. However, keeping in mind that Big Easy includes beverages in the buffet and the quality and quantity of food is comparatively better, we would definately recommend at least a one time visit.

  2. Hey,
    The place looks amazing! Love the pictures and the food looks DELISH!
    You should do a review on Kitchen 6 at JW Marriott Marquis. They have something similar, lot of different stations. Well, 6 of them. The food was pretty impressive too! Leave space for dessert.

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