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We discovered that this website had an ongoing offer where we could avail a Lunch Buffet for 2 people for the value of Dhs169, which is roughly around Dhs85 per person. Knowing that Ewaan is located in The Palace Hotel Downtown, we knew this was definitely worth giving a shot. We highly recommend making a reservation before you visiting Ewaan since it gets crowded and you may be seated far away from the buffet (which obviously nobody wants).
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We were greeted at the door and the server guided us to our table. Ewaan had a very Arabian and rustic feel to it, with long white drapes, middle eastern antiques beautifying the room and they even have an option of low seated tables as well. Mind you, although Ewaan might give you a very Middle Eastern vibe, the buffet serves you food from Continental and Italian all the way up to Indian and Middle Eastern as well.
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There were two separate salad counters, vegetarian and non-vegetarian serving over 30 varieties of salads each. Our favorites were the Mussel’s Salad, Beef Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Fatooush and the Feta Salad. There were also shot glasses serving Mango and Mint, and Tomato Gazpacho which were really refreshing.

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There were a Live Steak Fries and Calamari and a Live Pasta stations which was prepared in front of you. We have to say the calamari was probably one of the best parts of the entire buffet. At the Middle Eastern section there was a live grill serving different kinds of kebabs as well as Meat Sambousek and Spinach Fatayer.

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Another favorite was the station serving mouth-watering Roasted Beef Rib-Eye, Roasted Lamb and Roasted Chicken with potatoes and sweet potatoes on the side. We also tried the oh-so-yum sweet sticky Beef Short Ribs, Roasted Guinea Fowl, Sea bass, Lamb Curry and Saffron Rice. Without a doubt, what kept us going back for seconds were the Lamb curry and Guinea Fowl solely because of the way it was cooked and the flavor of the gravy complemented the meat well.

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We finally reached the dessert station, where they served Fruit Cake, Caramel Custard, Pistachio and Almond Tart, Chocolate Mousse, Baked Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue Tarts and a few Arabic Delicacies as well. The creaminess of the Chocolate mousse and the Texture of the Pistachio and Almond Tart – was to die for!

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All in all we feel this buffet is worth it for the amount we spent through the Cobone voucher. For around Dhs85 per person, you get to experience quality food and service. We highly recommend you stocking up on the cobones since they will only be available for 7 more days and you can avail the offer till end September.

We would also like to make a mention about the service and hospitality of Ewaan. Our table was continuously been attended to, our cutlery were changed on a regular basis and servers were very warm and welcoming with smiles on their faces. We highly recommend a trip to this restaurant solely because of the quality of the food they serve and the beauty of the hotel during the day. Even for a one time visit, Ewaan would definitely be worth it.

Ambience:    4/5
Food:         3.5/5
Service:       4/5
Value:         3/5

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