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WhereMyFoodAt recently visited Elia, a Greek restaurant located in the Majestic Hotel, Bur Dubai. For those who plan on making a trip to Elia soon, prepare yourselves for a gastronomic journey that will transport you to the coast of Greece! The moment we stepped into Elia we fell in love with the decor.  It wasn’t the usual modern and chic fine dining restaurant vibe that most restaurants in Dubai offer; it in fact was very rustic and simple with great detail to what a traditional Greek restaurant would look like.
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We loved the brick walls and Olive Green tones (after all, Elia means Olive tree) of the restaurant accompanied with white rustic furniture and candles delicately arranged on the floor adding a very romantic feel to the restaurant.  Authentic Greek flavors are definitely the focus here, ensuring that what you receive is the best that Greek cuisine has to offer.
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The Menu is split into two sections – Traditional dishes that were passed down countless generations and a Contemporary interpretation that elevated authentic dishes. Having been served complementary bread with an eggplant dip and pickled olives, the eggplant dip was so addictive we had to request for a second serving of bread to enjoy more of it.
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Our recommendation would be to try out more dishes from the appetizers sections than the main course, which is what we did and boy are we glad! This way you get to enjoy smaller portions with more variety of food. We started off by ordering the Tiganita bread which is fried bread topped with Graviera Cheese from Naxos. The bread was surprisingly light and airy and the Graviera Cheese was just the right amount to complement the bread very well.
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We then ordered the Beef Meatballs which were succulent beef meatballs served with black eyed beans salad, infused with roasted red capsicum from Florina, topped with light yogurt sauce – Heavenly would be an understatement!
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Next we just had to try the succulent Pork Morsels wrapped in mini homemade pita bread with baked tomato and grated graviera cheese – we can guarantee you, this is not just an ordinary wrap. With pork that melts in your mouth, we wouldn’t have had trouble ordering at least 5 more of these!
Elia (16)

We then ordered the Fried Calamari accompanied by traditional eggplant salad with a touch of pickled purslane. This might not be the best fried calamari we’ve had but it sure was crispy and delicious. The eggplant salad effortlessly complemented the calamari too.
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We also tried the very traditional Sour Cheese Pie served with clementine sauce and cinnamon essence, although it looks nothing like the traditional English pies we are familiar with, there’s no argument the flavor of the sour cheese really made you crave for more.
Elia (3)

Probably what would be the best dish of the night was the Mousaka. You can’t visit Elia without trying their Mousaka! Almost like a Sheppard’s Pie, Mousaka is traditionally made with minced beef, lamb and eggplant with creamy béchamel sauce. It’s bursting with flavor and is so smooth, it’s nearly impossible to forego ordering one of these.
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We loved how the food was so light and delicately presented with so much such detail.  We loved the simplicity of the food and how the chefs put in a lot of effort to highlight the flavors of the dishes more than its aesthetic appeal. We would definitely recommend Elia for a romantic night out or maybe if you’re looking for a calm and quaint environment to unwind after a busy week.

Sour Cheese Pie – Dhs25
Pork w/ Pita Bread – Dhs25
Beef Meatballs – Dhs37
Fried calamari – Dhs34
Mousaka – Dhs62
Tiganita bread – Dhs9
Total – Dhs201

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 2.5/5

Overall –
3_5 - New


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