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Little Bangkok is a cozy Thai restaurant located at the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers. We’ve always passed by Little Bangkok and wanted to pay a visit, and boy are we glad we finally did! The restaurant has a real authentic Thai feel to it. When we entered we were greeted with smiles and guided to our table. We were in LOVE with the ambience and decor. From the open glass kitchen, to the traditional picnic-style benches, to the colorful hanging lanterns and the shelves displaying variety of Thai produce, marinates and sauces readily available to sell to their customers – we loved it all.

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The menu reflected that of Street-Stall food, which is basically where the inspiration for all their dishes came from. The selection was vast; you could chose from soups, salads, appetizers, urban noodles, traditional Thai food, seafood specialties, poultry specialties and a lot more. So you could understand our plight when we were trying to decide what to order. There were 3 of us, but the amount we ordered could easily suffice for up to 4 people as well (don’t judge us). We decided to try out items in the menu that were unique and at the same time preserved the authentic Thai flavors in the food.

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For starters we ordered the Yum Tua Ru which is spicy prawns and winged bean salad with roasted coconut and chili paste dressing on the side. This was our first time trying winged beans and we loved the crunch element it added to the salad.

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For appetizers we tried the Goong Tod which is crispy battered fried prawns served with sweet chili sauce. The coating was light, airy and really crunchy and the prawns were perfectly cooked -must try! We also tried the Tod Man Pla which is curry flavored fish cakes served with a sweet and spicy cucumber dip. This was a bit of a disappointment. We really liked the dip however the fish cakes were a letdown since we felt it was too dense and heavly soaked with oil. Although the flavor was good, we suggest you give this dish a pass.

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For the main we tried the Guay Tiew Ped Yang which is crispy skin roasted duck and aromatic gravy with your choice of noodles (we opted for egg noodles). The duck was succulent and cooked to perfection and the flavors of the dish really shouted out Thai street food. We also ordered the Paneng Curry with Sticky rice. The curry was bursting with spices and flavors and the coconut base of the curry complemented the spices very well.

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Lastly for dessert we ordered the Kao Naew Mamuang which Ripe Thai Mango and Steamed Sweet Sticky Rice in coconut milk. We highly recommend you trying this dessert out, it is a Thai classic and never disappoints.

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The service was excellent. We had the starter and main courses at our table within 10-15mins tops and were piping hot. The servers were very alert and at our service the entire time. This restaurant would easily qualify in our top 10 Thai eats.
Top Tip, if the location in JLT is out of reach, a new branch is opening soon in Oud Mehta!

THE BILL (for 3-4 people)

Spicy Prawns and Winged Bean Salad – Dhs32
Curry flavored Fish Cakes – Dhs28
Crispy Fried Prawns – Dhs32
Crispy Skin Roasted Duck w/noodles – Dhs42
Panaeng Curry (chicken) – Dhs38
Sticky rice – Dhs8
Thai mango and Sweet Sticky Rice – Dhs24
Total – Dhs204

Ambience  3/5
Food            4/5
Service       4/5
Value          3/5

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  1. Noticed the branch at Oud metha taking shape and was just wondering about them. Thanks to this review will step in as soon as they start for business. tks

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