Bakery Review – Yamanote Atelier

For this weeks bakery review, WhereMyFoodAt reviews Dubai’s first ever Japanese bakery – Yamanote Atelier! The concept behind Yamanote is to take regular European breads, pastries, cakes etc. and fuse Japanese flavors into them.
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We walked into Yamanote bakery that is nestled in Al Wasl Square, Jumeirah, and the first thing we noticed was the enormous variety of bakery products generously displayed in baskets and trays looking absolutely delicious!
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Although there were breads and croissants that seemed familiar as to what we would see in a regular bakery, we also noticed quite a few unique items on their menu that we’ve never come across before and totally grabbed our attention. There was a stack of trays and serving tongs placed in front of all the goodies so that we could serve ourselves.
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We opted for the infamous Yamanote croissant which is a regular croissant filled with custard cream and topped with Kiri cream cheese ( let’s just say it tasted like an upgraded version of the humble kiri bun you get at other confectionaries ) – loved it!
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We just had to try their bestseller, which is the Character Toroto Bun. It is sweet dough filled with chocolate custard cream shaped into cartoon characters.
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We then tried the Croquette Bun, something we’ve never tried before. Its butter roll dough filled with a croquette of potato and minced meat. We also had the Cafe Boon which is sweet dough topped with a cafe boon cream and filled with kiri cream cheese. It tasted similar to the Yamanote Croissant.
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What we loved the most was their Curry Doughnut. It was a deep fried butter roll doughnut filled with minced beef and curry. It was crunchy and crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside – we absolutely loved it and highly recommend you trying this one out if you’re planning to pay a visit.
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For drinks we ordered the Matcha Latte (Matcha is green tea leaves carefully ground down to form a fine powder). The Matcha Latte had Matcha powder tea, green tea syrup and steam milk. We also tried their Chai Caramel Latte which is basically just espresso, chai syrup, caramel sauce and steamed milk.
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We loved everything we tasted. What stood out for us thought was the character Toroto Bun and the Curry Doughnut. They both were unique and delicious and at the same time, not easily spotted in any other bakery in Dubai.

The Japanese – inspired Yamanote is what sets the bakery apart from the rest.  It’s obvious the produce and ingredients used here is of very high quality which explains why the pricing of their items is on a slightly higher scale. They have a lot more of unique eats that we definitely would sample on our next visit, such as their famous Milky Bun , Coconut Banana, Yakisoba (fried noodles) Bun, Orange Cream Bun, Corne and a lot more.
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Yamanote could easily top our preferred tea time spots in Dubai.

The Bill:
Yamanote Croissant- Dhs5
Character Toroto Bun- Dhs11
Croquette Bun- Dhs14
Cafe Boon- Dhs10
Curry Doughnut- Dhs14
Matcha Latte- Dhs18
Chai Caramel Latte- Dhs19
Total- Dhs91

Service: Not applicable (self service)
Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Value: 2.5 /5

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