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It’s been a while now that the oh-so-delicious “Cake Pops” have become a worldwide sensation all over the internet. It’s no surprise then that the era of Cake Pops have massively struck bakeries and cake shops all over Dubai. We too have been bitten by the cake pop bug and just can’t seem to be getting enough of this tiny ball of sugary goodness. We’ve noticed the rise in demand for cake pops in town and what if we told you that instead of shelling out Dhs10 every time you devour a cake pop, you could make a bunch of them on your own for just under Dhs80! And when we say bunch, we mean roughly around 25-28 cake pops (that’s around 3Dhs a pop!) I know right? 😀
All you need to do is follow these 7 simple steps and you’ll realize how easy it is! Try it now; you can thank us later 😉

What you will need:
-Betty Crocker Cake Mix (Dhs8)
-Wilton Lollipop Sticks (Dhs10-15 for 25sticks)
-White Cooking Chocolate (3 slabs for Dhs33)
-Frosting (Dhs10)
CakePops (20)
The recipe is simple and easy, you would require two major functions here
1) Creating the Cake Pops
2) Coating and Decorating

Step 1-
Follow the instructions of the Betty Crocker Cake Mix which is basically whisking together 3 eggs, 1.25 cup of Water & Half a cup of Vegetable Oil along with the cake mix and leaving it to bake for 25 minutes. (Don’t forget to grease your cake tin with Butter/Oil)
CakePops (23)CakePops (21)CakePops (22)CakePops (24)CakePops (6)CakePops (1)CakePops (7)CakePops (8)
Step 2-
Once the cake is baked and left to cool, gently with your fingers crumble the cake until it starts to looks like wet sand.
CakePops (9)CakePops (10)CakePops (11)
Step 3-
Ready made icing usually work very well to hold the cake together and maintain a round shape. Always start with a lesser quantity of icing (Around 2-3 tablespoons) and if required add more to the cake crumble and mix well until it starts to come together. The mixture should form a clay-like consistency.
CakePop (2)CakePops (12)
Step 4-
Roll the cake mixture into tiny balls and place in a tray to freeze and firm up for 3 – 4 hours. In order to keep the size of the cake balls the same, we used an ice cream scoop to measure and rolled the mixture in our hands to make perfect round Cake Pops.
CakePops (13)CakePops (14)CakePops (15)
Step 5-
Carefully Insert Skewers into the Cake Pops; ensure the skewers have been inserted at least halfway through the cake pop, this way the cake pops won’t fall out.
CakePops (3)
Step 6-
Melt the cooking chocolate in a microwave for 30 seconds or until its smooth. Carefully dip the Cake pops in the chocolate so as to attain a layer of white chocolate around the cake pop. (To give a little color to our cake pops, we added a few drops of food coloring to our white chocolate)
CakePops (16)CakePops (4)CakePops (5)CakePops (17)
Step 7-
This is definitely the fun part, Decorating! Sprinkle on any decorations or chocolate onto the white chocolate layer. Top tip, Decorate the cake pops before the chocolate sets to allow the sprinkles to stick.
CakePops (18)

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  1. I have always love having cake pops! And I have been wanting to make them for my sister birthday, but I wasn’t sure on how I would go about doing that. So I really appreciate you talking about this, and letting me know how I could make them. I’ll definitely make sure I try this out, and hopefully they turn out good.

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