Restaurant Review – Caramel Restaurant & Lounge, Abu Dhabi

For the weekend, we at WhereMyFoodAt decided to go on a tiny weekend getaway and head down South to Abu Dhabi! We visited the beautiful St.Regis Hotel in Saadiyat Island and had dinner (our sole purpose for the getaway) at the very fancy and classy Caramel Restaurant and Lounge. The dim lighting and dark interiors of Caramel gave a very sophisticated and refined vibe.
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Upon entering we were greeted by the Restaurant Manager and server who took us on a tour of the restaurant. The restaurant is basically divided into two sections; the Dining area and the Lounge.  The lounge area had its very own DJ setup and bar. They also had a low seating area for group gatherings.  There was also a private room that seats around 15-20 people for private events and parties.
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Since we were there for the food (obviously) we preferred sitting at the Dining area.  Our server seated us and introduced himself to us, his name was Rolden and he was such a delight to be served by! When we glanced through the menu, we wanted to sample almost everything.  However Rolden patiently elaborated on each dish making the choice much easier for us.
We started off with drinks. We ordered a Virgin Strawberry Mojito and a Pineapple Mojito. It was absolutely refreshing (considering the heat!)
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We couldn’t settle on one, so we ordered three starters.  Yes, three! Under the “Shared for the Table” section of the menu we had the Sizzling Hot Rock and the Tuna Pizza. We enjoyed the Sizzling Hot Rock for the sole purpose that we got to cook! A hot rectangular brick-like plate was placed on our table served with Sliced Sirloin (YUM!) Our server recommended we cook the sirloin for about less than a minute. It was tender and juicy and, if we say so ourselves, cooked to perfection!
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When the Tuna Pizza with Ponzu Mayo, Pickled Shallots, drizzled with Truffle Oil came out, it looked nothing like we expected!  It was not just an ordinary pizza. The base was wafer thin, lathered with ponzu mayo and the tuna was finely sliced and layered onto the crust.  It was so light and fresh, we couldn’t just stop at one slice. We also ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad served with clementine’s, cashews and honey mustard.  The chicken was tender and the salad had a nice crunch to it. The flavor had a perfect blend of sweet and slightly spicy.
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At this point our stomachs were half full, but when we glanced through the Grill and Mains section of the menu, we started to crave for more food again.
We opted for two mains, the Seared Chilean Sea Bass served with Rock Shrimp Risotto, Lobster Broth and a Tomato Basil Tapenade. We were literally in Seafood Heaven! Each component of the dish had its own unique flavor; the sea bass was executed brilliantly, it was tender and flaked perfectly. The risotto was probably one of the best we’ve ever had.
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We also ordered the Tomahawk Rib Eye with sides of Lobster Mash and Forest Mushrooms.  The size of the Rib Eye was enormous, cooked perfectly the way we like it – Medium Rare with a slice of roasted garlic butter. The Rib-eye was presented with a peppercorn and a red wine reduction sauce which was heavenly! The Lobster Mash was perfectly smooth topped with a generous portion of lobster and the mushrooms cooked in a butter emulsion were Divine!
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For dessert we ordered a Strawberry Baked Alaska. We tried this for the first time and it didn’t disappoint at all. The strawberry ice-cream and cake topped with meringue was a match made in heaven! The textures and flavors sparked fireworks in our mouths.
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Our experience at Caramel was to say the least, a benchmark in our culinary adventure of Abu Dhabi. We were left in awe of the culinary journey we had taken and we just didn’t want to wind up. Everything from the personalized service, chic ambience, to the high quality of produce used, Caramel without a doubt exceeded our expectations and we just can’t wait to make another trip to Abu Dhabi!

You can also visit Caramel’s website for the complete menu & other details on

The Bill:
2x Virgin Mojitos – Dhs80
Sizzling Hot Rock – Dhs120
Tuna Pizza – Dhs130
Chinese Chicken Salad – Dhs80
Seared Chilean Sea Bass – Dhs150
Tomahawk Rib Eye – Dhs310
Lobster Mash – Dhs49
Forest Mushrooms – Dhs38
Baked Alaska – Dhs45
Total – Dhs1002

Food: 5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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