Restaurant Review – Cave La Réserve

In desperate need of a fine dining date, WhereMyFoodAt decided a visit to the newly opened Conrad Hotel was the way to go. It didn’t take a lot of time before we knew we had to visit the unique Cave La Reserve wine bar.
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With wine being the theme, the restaurant is set in a dim, chic and modern setting and is surrounded with boulders and panels that look like barrels give you the impression of literally being in a cave (full points for ambience, no doubt). The Rounded leather booths, cozy day beds (Yes! They have beds in their lounge), lounging areas and tasting room all shout out luxury.
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Being our all time favorite, we ordered a Mojitos for drinks. Having had our fair share of mojito’s, the bartenders at Cave certainly know their way around making the classics.
Cave (5)
For starters we ordered the Fourme D’Ambert which was the perfect start to our meal, the roasted pear coupled with endives and hazelnut vinaigrette was a perfect salad. The crumbled pieces of blue cheese added another dimension and an even greater depth of flavor.
Cave (7)
Choosing our mains was far from easy considering the amazing dishes on offer, we finally settled for an order of Cassoulet & the Gnocchi À La Parisienne. The Cassoulet exhumed bags of flavor, the smell of delicate shavings of duck confit over succulent smoked beans in an earthy brown sauce had us salivating from the moment we set our eyes on the dish. The Gnocchi was without a doubt our dish of the day! Perfectly cooked pillows of potato in brown butter blew us away! Served with toasted almonds and crispy sage, the dish was full of texture.
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A classic done well, it was no surprise we ordered the Crème Brûlée with raspberries. The presentation was simple and effortless, the Brûlée had a perfect layer of burnt sugar, and the lemon sorbet laid over a short crust crumb was deliciously tart and cut through the sweetness.  Every detail was executed very well and was the perfect end to our meal.
Cave (10)

Be it lunch, dinner or weekend drinking at the lounge, we highly recommend you visiting this place to experience the effort put into every detail of Cave. There’s nothing like this Dubai, we can guarantee you that. And we’re most certain this would be, even for a one time visit, a trip you won’t regret.

The Bill:
Fourme D’Ambert- Dhs65
Cassoulet- Dhs120
Gnocchi À La Parisienne- Dhs85
Crème Brûlée and Raspberries- Dhs45
Virgin Lemon Mojito- Dhs35
Total- Dhs350

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value: 2.5/5

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