Cheap Eats Review – Hotdog on a Stick & Beard Papa’s

For our next post we decided to do something different, easily accessible and MUCH MORE cheaper than some of our previous posts. Yep, we present to you the very first of our Cheap-Eats Reviews. For our first Cheap-Eats post we decided to combine two reviews – One being something we have been addicted to for a while now, and the other being something we have recently discovered and are totally in love with. They both are located in (what we call our second home) Dubai Mall and are right next to each other.

We’ll begin with our all time favorite joint – Hotdog on a Stick! The concept is basically a simple joint that serves up Corndogs which is a hotdog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter, deep fried and served on a stick. It is just like a hotdog, only better! We’ve been waiting to try out corndogs in Dubai since forever and we’re so glad our first corndog was from Hotdog on a Stick. It tastes perfect with ketchup, mustard and eaten fresh straight out of the fryer.
PapaBeard&HotDog (4)PapaBeard&HotDog (5)PapaBeard&HotDog (7)PapaBeard&HotDog (9)
If you plan on trying their corndogs, we would highly recommend trying their Chicken Wings combo which consists of fried wings, fries and lemonade for just Dhs19. The wings are fried to perfection and generously coated with spicy barbeque sauce – delicious!
PapaBeard&HotDog (6)
For our second review, a stall located right next to Hotdog on a Stick, named Beard Papa’s specializing in Cream Puffs caught our attention. Their cream puffs come in a lot of flavors – strawberry, vanilla, red velvet, nutella. We opted for the cream puffs filled with nutella and it was perfect!  The cream puffs were light and airy; the nutella was filled generously into the cream puffs and tasted delicious.  For just 9 bucks these cream puffs are a total win!
PapaBeard&HotDog (14)PapaBeard&HotDog (11)PapaBeard&HotDog (10)PapaBeard&HotDog (12)PapaBeard&HotDog (13)PapaBeard&HotDog (1)PapaBeard&HotDog (2)
We also tried the Paris Brest which is a twist of a Spanish Churro and an American donut. It’s crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. We chose to fill it with Red velvet icing. It tasted delightful although we would’ve preferred the pastry to be slightly warm.
PapaBeard&HotDog (3)PapaBeard&HotDog (15)
Whether you’re busy shopping, catching a movie, or simply trying to conquer Dubai Mall, I doubt there is better way to tend to your hunger than with these quick bites that are amazingly affordable and nothing less than delicious!

The Bill:
Hotdog on a Stick – Dhs12
Wings with Fries & Lemonade – Dhs19
Cream Puff with Nutella – Dhs9
Paris Brest with Red Velvet – Dhs11
Total – Dhs51

Ratings: (Combined)
Food: 4/5
Ambience: N/A
Value: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5

3_5 - New


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