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We know we know, it’s been wayy too long since our previous post and we honestly missed blogging soo much!  Unfortunately a series of events got us soo tied up; we couldn’t put our heart and soul into our posts during the last two weeks. But don’t you worry, WhereMyFoodAt is back with a bang and we’re more than excited for the upcoming posts. This post for instance is what we would like to call the “Birthday Post.. Part 1” (being our co-founders birthday dinner).
We wanted something that was not only lavish and classy, but something unique too and hence we picked Watatsumi!
Watatsumi (1)
Watatsumi is a Japanese restaurant originally based in London, and is now a hidden pearl in Le Meridien Mina Seyahi in Dubai. It’s almost like a boutique restaurant, very cozy and elegant and definitely an amazing choice for a birthday celebration!
The decor was minimalistic and refined, and the servers were at our beck and call. Something we thought deserves recognition is the perfection in every dish Watatsumi produces. Be it presentation or taste, we couldn’t seem to find fault with any of their dishes, and although what we ordered seemed to be enough for four people, we had no trouble devouring every single bite on those plates.
Watatsumi (2)

For drinks we ordered a Virgin Margarita and the Natsu Cooler which we loved since the wasabi added a pleasant and unique kick to it.
Watatsumi (4)Watatsumi (3)
For Appetizers we ordered the Appetizer Set which consisted of Chicken Gyoza, Wagyu Gyoza, Chicken Yakitori, Prawn Harumaki, Grilled Oyster and Ebi Tempura served with sweet chili and spicy soy. We couldn’t find fault with any of the elements of this dish. Everything had its own unique taste. Our favorite without a doubt would have to be the grilled oysters that were served in a sauce that tasted like butter -garlic, delicious! And it’s not every day that you get to try wagyu dumplings aka gyoza, so we were really excited about it and it didn’t disappoint. Bear in mind though that the appetizer set focuses on variety more than quantity, so one set can suffice for just two people.
Watatsumi (5)
We also tried the Crab Cake which was mixed crab and prawns meat with shiitake mushrooms served with creamy wasabi sauce. Needless to say, delicious!  It was nice and crispy yet simple enough to not overpower the delicate sweet flavor of the seafood. The wasabi sauce perfectly combined the flavors of the dish very well.
Watatsumi (6)
We also tried the Soft-shell Crab Maki which we felt was the best dish we’ve tried at Watatsumi.  Maki is basically a Japanese dish of Crispy Soft-shell crab and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed with Japanese mayo and tobiko. This dish was bursting with flavor and the texture of the crispy soft-shell crab was a real treat, a definite MUST TRY!
Watatsumi (7)Watatsumi (8)
For mains we ordered the Beef Teriyaki which was grilled Rib Eye with teriyaki sauce served with potato salad & sautéed vegetables- it was divine and cooked just the way we like it, medium rare.
Watatsumi (11)
We also ordered the Grilled Tiger Prawns served with Miso-Butter sauce that was beautifully presented in Tiger prawn shells, chopped up into bite size pieces and generously coated with the miso butter sauce. It was like a seafood fest in our mouths – absolutely mouth watering!
Watatsumi (9)Watatsumi (10)
Lastly we ordered Japanese Apple Pie for dessert which has a cake like consistency. We’ve never tried anything like it before; it was light, not too sweet and tasted pleasantly different.
Watatsumi (12)Watatsumi (13)
Watatsumi really have outdone themselves. If we weren’t Japanese food fanatics, we are now. Thinking about the dishes still make us salivate.  The food, to sum it up, is light, bursting with flavors and of the best quality. You can’t pass on this one.
Until next time, #HappyFeasting

The Bill:
Virgin Margarita – Dhs32
Natsu Cooler – Dhs30
Water – Dhs25
Appetizer Set – Dhs70
Crab Cake – Dhs60
Beef Teriyaki – Dhs125
Prawn in Miso-Butter Sauce – Dhs170
Soft-shell Crab Maki – Dhs75
Japanese Apple Pie – Dhs40
Total – Dhs627

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4.5/5

4_5 - New(New)


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