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This weekend we at WhereMyFoodAt headed to Pier7 at Dubai Marina for some Mexican indulgence! We’ve always wanted to try out all the 7 restaurants at Pier7 and after visiting O’Cacti, we’re half way there (yay!)  We had heard a lot about O’Cacti and were so excited to finally try it out. Upon arriving at the restaurant we were greeted at the entrance and escorted to our table. The view of the outdoor seating is breathtaking; the view of the marina, the yachts and the sea breeze adds that extra dimension to your dining experience. However, we decided to sit indoors since we heard there’s a live band performing and we wanted to catch a glimpse of it.
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The atmosphere was equally vibrant indoors as it were outdoors and the ambience was that of a typical Mexican restaurant. Our server placed a bowl full of Nachos with salsa at our table and handed over the menu to us. To be honest, we were expecting the price range to be a bit on the higher side but it was that of any other Mexican restaurant we’ve been in Dubai. Since Mexican food is general very light and flavorful, we knew we’d need at least four dishes to be satisfied.
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We started off by ordering the “Alitas De Pollo Buffalo”. You just can’t go wrong with wings, and these weren’t ordinary Buffalo wings. The marinade had the perfect balance of spice and heat without being too overpowering. Even if you do find it spicy, the sour cream dip cuts through it making it a bit more mild for those who can’t stand heat.
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Our second dish was the Duck Quesadillas. We’ve had our fair share of Quesadillas before, but with duck being the protein, it was a first for us. We loved the way the duck was cooked and stuffed with peppers and cheese. We were hoping it wouldn’t be overcooked and rubbery, and it definitely wasn’t. Coupled with the staples of Mexican cuisine, the Quesadillas were served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa. We couldn’t decide which one out of the three was our favorite since they all complimented Quesadillas brilliantly. It was light, fresh and we wouldn’t have minded another round of them.
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Our third dish was the “Tacos De Langosta”. Yes, lobster! Again, our very first time trying tacos stuffed with lobster. This was the dish we were the most excited about and the taste was just how we expected. We loved this dish particularly because the marinade used was very mild allowing the flavor of lobster to shine through. You can’t miss out on this one if you plan on visiting O’Cacti.
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For our final dish we decided to order the “Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa De Poblano”. The portion was a lot more than what we expected (which is a good thing). The thick Poblano Chile sauce served over a delicately cooked chicken breast added bags of flavor. The sautéed vegetables and Mexican rice rounded off the dish with a touch of freshness and texture.
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Finally for dessert we ordered the “Suave Mouse De Cajeta” which is a burnt milk mouse served with vanilla ice cream and a biscuit crumb. It was creamy and not too heavy, the crumb added that extra texture the mousse needed and as always, a touch of ice cream to every mouthful had us craving for more.
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We would definitely recommend O’Cacti for a dinner date or a celebration. With an amazing view, food, ambience and entertainment – we don’t see any reason for you to pass on it.

The Bill:
Alitas De Pollo Buffalo – Dhs55
Duck Quesadillas – Dhs65
Tacos De Langosta – Dhs55
Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa De Poblano – Dhs95
Suave Mouse De Cajeta – Dhs50
Total – Dhs320

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 3.5/5

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