Restaurant Review – The Media Lounge

Earlier this weekend we decided to head to the Marina for brunch at The Media Lounge. We were really looking forward to this one because we heard a lot of people rave about the food at The Media Lounge and we’re finally getting to check it out!
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The restaurant is divided into a smoking and non-smoking section, and they also serve shisha outdoors. We were seated by our very friendly server and handed over the menus to glance through the food. The menu is divided into two sections – Continental and Arabic food.
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For drinks we decided to opt for fresh juices, an orange juice and a watermelon juice to be precise.
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For starters we couldn’t really make up our minds on which cuisine we would prefer, so we obviously opted for both. Our first starter was the Dynamite Shrimp which was tempura fried shrimp served with a really delicious tangy sauce. Although it doesn’t scream dynamite shrimps, the dish was cooked perfectly crunchy and succulent while the sauce rounded it off well.
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For our second appetizer we tried the Fattoush from the Arabic menu. Fattoush is basically an Arabic salad with a lot of texture it in. It was fresh, light and the portion was pretty impressive. We loved the dressing used on the salad and definitely feel this a must try if you visit this place.
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And for our third appetizer (yes,third!) we tried the Jalapeño balls which were basically fried jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese with a ranch sauce. You can honestly never go wrong with fried cheese, so it was obvious we loved it! And the addition of jalapeño slices on the fried cheese cuts through it and does not make it seem too heavy or spicy.
T M L (5)
Surprisingly (or not) we were still hungry after 3 appetizers , so we went back to our menus to check out our mains.
For our first main we ordered the Salmon al Cartoccio which is basically a cooking technique where you bake a fillet of salmon along with all the other accompanying ingredients in a parchment bag allowing none of the beautiful aroma to escape. The minute we opened the parchment bag the fragrance of lemon filled our table. The salmon was flaky and delicate and the lemon flavor wasn’t too overpowering. For those health- freaks, we’d recommend this main for you.
T M L (7)T M L (8)

Our second main was Aromatic Grilled Chicken with Mushroom sauce. We loved the flavor of the sauce and we were really happy with the way the chicken was cooked. It was juicy and tender and complemented the mushroom sauce very well.
T M L (9)

Finally for dessert, we ordered a slice of their famous carrot cake. One of our favorites, the cake was filled with raisins and nuts and the cream cheese frosting was light and had just the right amount of sweetness.
T M L (10)DSC_0239

Perfect end to our meal. We loved our brunch at The Media Lounge, and the service was one of the best we’ve experienced. Their menu is vast so we’re definitely going back to try out the rest 🙂

The Bill:
2x Fresh Juice – Dhs21
Dynamite Shrimp – Dhs34
Jalapeno Balls – Dhs20
Fattoush – Dhs23
Salmon al Cartoccio – Dhs76
Aromatic Grilled Chicken – Dhs45
Carrot Cake – Dhs21
Total – Dhs261

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5
Service: 4/5

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