Restaurant Review – Zaatar W Zeit

It was a really busy weekday and by the end of it we were starving! For dinner we decided to head down Sheikh Zayed Road and visit Zaatar W Zeit to try out the new special addition to their menu – The Chicken Tandoori Wrap and Pizza. Being from India and very familiar with the term “Tandoori” and how delicious it is, we were very eager to try it.
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The ambience is very inviting with a well-lit room that was divided into a Take Out section and a Dining Area. We seated ourselves at the booth and the placemats adorned with a picture of the Chicken Tandoori pizza had us salivating. We knew what we wanted, so we immediately placed our order and patiently waited.
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For starters we wanted something light since we knew we needed a lot of space in our tummies for our mains. We ordered the Caesar Deluxe Salad. You have an option for the way you want your chicken to be cooked – Fried or Grilled, we preferred grilled. The salad tasted like any other Caesar salad you would have, however we would’ve preferred a bit more dressing. We loved the crunch of the croutons and the touch of sweetness to it. The chicken was juicy and not overcooked. It was seasoned well and served generously over the salad.
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For mains (no surprises here) we ordered the Chicken Tandoori Wrap and Pizza. Surprisingly they did not taste similar; rather they had flavors that were distinctly different. The Wrap was filled with generous shavings of chicken tandoori, tomatoes, onions and a really delicious mint dressing that was wrapped and toasted to perfection. We loved it!
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The pizza, according to our server, is probably their best pizza yet. After our first bite, we could totally see why. Generously topped with tomato sauce, lots of cheese, chicken tandoori pieces and lots of chilly, this pizza is HEAVEN for spice – lovers. If you love heat with your food, you’ve got to give this one a try. The crust is thin & crispy and can be easily devoured by one person alone.
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For dessert we had options of Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, but what grabbed our attention was the Nutella and Banana Wrap. Nutella obviously makes us go weak in the knees so we really had no choice but to go with the Nutella Wrap. It was the perfect end to our meal. Again we weren’t feeling too full or heavy so it saved us the guilt trip 😉
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All in all it was a good experience and perfect for a casual weekday lunch or dinner

The Bill:
Caesar Deluxe Salad – Dhs33
Chicken Tandoori Wrap – Dhs33
Tandoori Pizza – Dhs42
Chocolate & Banana Wrap – Dhs18
Total – Dhs126

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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