Restaurant Review – Little More Friday Brunch

To celebrate the launch of Little More’s Friday Brunch, last Friday WhereMyFoodAt were invited to the Little More Friday Game Brunch at Media City. The moment we read “Game Brunch” we got super excited, and knew it would be something we wouldn’t want to miss!
DSC_1163DSC_1265We’re a little fussy when it comes to brunches in particular, since we take our breakfasts very seriously! Having said that, the brunch served at Little More is something we’ll definitely come back for. Not only is it worth it (for 95Dhs per person) but it’s also made with the best quality ingredients and has an amazing variety.

DSC_1168The brunch is unlimited. You have a choice of how you would like your eggs cooked, we chose poached eggs and a Spanish omelet. You can also pick your sides of hash brown, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, baked beans and a lot more!
Best part? You can keep requesting for more and more and the kind waiters will ensure you’re stuffed and well fed. We also had a choice of fresh juices, tea and coffee. Apart from this, there’s a variety of main courses and desserts served up for you to try, making sure you can’t breathe by the end of it (we’re not complaining)
Among these, our favorite had to be the moist Chocolate and Carrot Cake. They were to die for! The chocolate cake was rich and sinfully delicious.
DSC_1233DSC_1214Apart from the food, we also enjoyed the coffee art classes where we learned how difficult; and we mean DIFFICULT it is to perfect the art of pouring flat white’s.
We strongly recommend Little More’s Brunch if you’re looking for a place to sit, relax and just enjoy comfort food at a very reasonable cost.

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