Restaurant Review – Moshi

Our first ever Sushi and Momos tasting was at Moshi (love the name) last weekend. We happened to love sushi even more after this visit and you will soon see why.
DSC_2913DSC_2935When we entered we were greeted by the Restaurant Owner himself, Mr.Rahul, who made us feel more than welcome at his restaurant. To begin with, we were offered fresh orange and lemon mint juice at our table. We loved the special touch of our names written on the glasses!

DSC_2963We were then offered the Tuna Avocado Salad which happened to be presented in the form of sushi by being wrapped in rice paper rolls. It was really light and refreshing, we also developed a new liking to the combination of tuna and avocado.

DSC_2925We also had the “Moshi Salad” which consisted of julienned carrots, lettuce, cabbage, onions topped with peanuts in a sweet and spicy chili sauce which we absolutely loved. It was bursting with flavor and we were loving the intensity of the chili.

DSC_2949We were then offered a HUGE selection of sushi to try out. We loved how each type of sushi was unique in its own way; no two types tasted the same. There are very few instances where the selection of sushi is vegetarian friendly, but at Moshi’s vegetarians are spoiled for choice. What blew our minds even more were flavors that we never imagined being incorporated into sushi, yet at Moshi’s they did so.
Among all the sushi’s we tried, we loved the Chicken Katsu Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Sushi, Crunchy California Sushi and the Prawn Tempura.
What stood out the most for us were the Salmon Teriyaki Sushi which was bursting with flavor and their newly introduced Green Curry Chicken Sushi which was perfectly spiced yet mild at the same time.
Among the vegetarian sushi’s we had, two flavors definitely stood out. The first being the Cheesy Chips Sushi, which is basically the classic Oman Chips Sandwich, turned into a sushi! We could not wrap our heads around it at first when we heard about it, but once we tasted it, we could not just stop at one. We honestly feel that turning a sandwich into a sushi roll is a brilliant idea, and it tasted amazing too!

DSC_2983Another favorite was the Falafel, Hummus and Cucumber Sushi served with a dip that tasted like Tahini, it was pure genius, being hardcore non vegetarians, we cleaned the vegetarian plates, and THAT says a lot!

DSC_3027After all that sushi, we were then presented with a beautiful platter of momos to try, served with a sweet and spicy dip. Each momo was cooked perfectly, having the perfect quantity of filling, and the perfect thickness of the dough – making it the perfect plate of momos! We had the Prawn, Buffalo, Chicken Tikka and Cheese Mushroom Momos. But what stood out for us was the Pero Pero Chicken Momos – it had an amazing flavor and was perfectly spicy.

DSC_2992For the momos too, vegetarians aren’t short of choice with over 7 varieties of momos to chose from. What we also love is that you can have your momos steamed or fried or even both (kind of like a gyoza, which is what we prefer).
The Noodles were to die for! completely made from scratch in house was absolutely delicious and jam packed with loads of flavor. The spicy sauce was an amazing accompaniment
Lastly, for dessert we were offered delicious Nutella Maki and Coconut Glazed Momos. The Nutella Maki was so good; we dare you to eat just one!
DSC_3039DSC_3047All in all, our experience at Moshi’s was an absolute delight. From the service to the presentation to the quality of food and most importantly – VALUE FOR MONEY, Moshi’s is definitely a restaurant you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ambience : 3.5/5
Food : 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4.5/5

4 - New

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