Restaurant Review – Spirito

On Saturday, the first day of August, we were honored to be present at the launch of authentic and super vibrant Brazilian restaurant called Spirito located at The Media One Hotel, Dubai. This restaurant is completely true to what it represents. From the menu to the ambience, everything screams out Brazil! What we loved most about Spirito apart from the food, is the attention to service. The waiters and hostesses did their level best to ensure we were feeling welcome and comfortable, and that’s honestly what we look forward to most when we review restaurants.
DSC_2397DSC_2331Moving on the food, we began our tasting with small plates and salad. We started off with a dish called Pao De Queijo which is a Brazilian cheese puff (bun-like consistency) with honey and a goats cheese dip. It was a delightful combination of sweet and salty, creating a burst of flavors in our mouths.
DSC_2299We also had the Camaro Alho E Oleu which is basically pan fried garlic and smoked chili prawns. It was definitely a favorite! The prawns were perfectly cooked and presented. We loved the heat the marinade gave and it amped up the flavor of the prawns to a whole new level!
DSC_2327We wanted to try their salads, so we opted for the Salada Palmito which is a salad with sautéed Palm Hearts , deliciously crispy calamari, Toasted coconut and mango. It was light and refreshing and acted as a palette cleanser.
DSC_2294For mains we opted for the “Lobo” which is a Black Angus steak with a coco and chili nib rub and spiced polenta fries on the side. We loved the taste of the polenta fries and the way the meat was cooked. However we felt the dish could do with a sauce.
DSC_2389DSC_2376We also had the “Beterraba E Queijo Azul Risotto” which is a beetroot and blue cheese risotto topped with cashew nuts. The risotto was cooked perfectly al dente, and the beetroot gave a perfectly earthy flavor and added to the vibrancy of the dish.
DSC_2340Lastly, for dessert we tried the “Rosquinha Com Doce De Leite” which is perfectly fried doughnuts coated in sugar and cinnamon, served with a dulce de leche dipped sauce and a coconut bounty which was really delightful.
DSC_2422We also tried the “Torta De Sonho De Valsa” which is a Brazilian chocolate bon bon cake. It was a perfect way to end our meal; the richness of the chocolate complemented the lightness of the cream layer, making it perfectly balanced.
DSC_2431Whether its just a random night out for drinks and casual dinner or for a special occasion, Spirito is definitely a unique and amazing spot that you ought to consider! The ambience, décor, music, vibe is simply something that cannot be missed

The Bill:
Pao De Queijo – Dhs45
Camaro Alho E Oleu – Dhs70
Salada Palmito – Dhs60
Lobo – Dhs150
Beterraba E Queijo Azul Risotto – Dhs85
Rosquinha Com Doce De Leite – Dhs45
Torta De Sonho De Valsa – Dhs50
Total – Dhs505

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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