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It’s finally Sunday and we are having major weekend withdrawals right about now. Well, you would too had you attended the #WhatsCookingAtTB event hosted by The Beach Mall yesterday. What triggered our excitement was when we were presented with a very innovative invitation delivered to our door step a week ago. Thanks to the House of Curry, our invites were in the form of a cute steel box consisting of various Indian spices and an invitation attached to it. Loved the creativity!
The whole event was basically a surprise; we had no clue as to who would be present at the event, what would be covered, which restaurants we would be covering etc

When the day finally arrived, at 10 30am we all gathered at the meeting point to have breakfast and kick start the event at Big Chefs Dubai. Big Chefs is a Turkish based restaurant that has two branches in Dubai (one at the Dubai Mall and other at the Beach Mall). They have recently celebrated their one year anniversary and having said that, they have been growing and gaining popularity at a very steady pace! We were served with delicious cheese platters, Kaak with cheese and French toast to go along with our Turkish filter coffee and tea. We were then guided to a long wooden table where each one of us were presented with a bunch of ingredients – flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar etc and it was quite evident that we would be making bread!
After a fun bread masterclass by Chef Abs Patel, we were then guided to our next stop – Dri Dri Dubai! We were very excited about this stop in particular since we are such regular customers at Dri Dri located in Boxpark. At Dri Dri, which specializes in freshly made gelato, we were taught the art of gelato making. We were shown how Strawberry Gelato is made with just three basic ingredients – strawberries, water and sugar, and how something this simple tastes absolutely delicious and refreshing. We loved the fact that there were no preservatives and the gelato still managed to taste so good.
Our third stop was at Joe’s Cafe by the London fashion house, Joseph. Here we were presented with a healthy cooking class by Chef Melad where we were shown how to make one of Joe’s Cafe’s signature and best selling salads. We loved the addition of soba noodles and miso dressing adding a bit of an Asian touch to the salad, leaving it not only healthy and fresh but also delicious!
We were glad we had salad for our tasting at Joe’s, since we were only at the halfway mark of the event and we had three more restaurants to cover! For our fourth stop, we were taken by Tuk Tuks provided by The Beach Mall to Fratelli La Bufala which serves some of the best and authentic Italian cuisine.
We were greeted upon arrival with welcome drinks which was a concoction of lemonade, an energy drink and cute little gummy bears at the bottom. We were then escorted to large cooking counters where we were each given pizza dough, tomato puree and lots of cheese and toppings – Yes, we were making pizza! Chef Pepe was very helpful and encouraged us to use whatever toppings we liked. It was a first time for most of us and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The best part was, we were given pizza boxes to take away our hand made pizza as well as delicious tiramisu cups for us to enjoy. As far as hospitality goes, we feel Fratelli La Bufala has gone that extra mile abiding by the true Italian spirit and making us feel very welcome.
For our fourth stop, we were taken to the beautiful and breathtaking House of Curry that serves some of the most delicious Indian cuisine. We were given a masterclass by the Restaurant Manager Nikhil on how one of the most famous curry powder – The Garam Masala was made and we were then presented with three absolutely delicious curries to taste which use Garam Masala as their base ingredient. Out favorite was the Butter Chicken!
For our last tasting, we were taken to The Counter, which serves some of the most delicious burgers. We were shown how some of their most popular burgers were made. For instance, the chef prepared a no carbs chicken burger with a lot of leafy greens and toppings to go with it. The burger had no bread and is perfect for someone looking for a healthy alternative to a burger. We were also shown how to make a delicious beef burger using any of the toppings they have to offer and a vegetarian burger as well. All the toppings and sauces uses by The Counter are fresh, and 75% of their sauces are homemade as well!
Our entire experience at the Beach Mall was something we will cherish for a very long time. Not only did we get to meet amazing bloggers but we also got to cook and experience some of the best food Dubai has to offer.

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