Restaurant Review – Biryani Pot

If you’re looking to do something different this weekend for a brunch rather than the usual weekend buffets, look no further than Biryani Pot located at Jumeirah to satisfy your taste buds.

Last weekend we were invited for a tasting session to Biryani Pot to savor some of the most delectable Indian food offered in Dubai. If you’re looking for scrumptious, hearty and affordable Indian food, then this is definitely the place to be! Their dishes are not only packed with huge portions, amazing flavor and great quality, but each dish has its own unique flair bought to the table.

The tasting commenced with delicious and refreshing glasses of mango lassi which is traditional yogurt and mango smoothie. The lassi has a perfect consistency (Neither too thick nor watery) and a strong hint of mango pulp which we loved.
We were then presented with two appetizing salads that are prepared fresh daily in the Biryani Pot Kitchen. The first salad we tried was the Channa Salad (otherwise known as chickpea salad) which is sweet & sour chickpeas with onions, tomato, cucumber and bell peppers tossed in a tamarind dressing. We loved the sweetness of the dressing and felt it complemented the chickpeas really well. The chickpeas were cooked perfectly and added a beautiful texture along with the chopped up veggies.
Our second salad was a Masala Quinoa Salad which is organic quinoa mixed with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, raisins and pomegranate tossed with olive oil and lemon juice. This salad not only looked delightful but tasted delicious too. We loved the combination of the saltiness from the feta cheese and the sweetness from the pomegranate and raisins. This salad is perfect for someone looking for a healthy lunch that is not too heavy yet packed with flavor.
Once we were done with our salads, we were then served two delectable platters of “Biryani Pot Mix Grill” Trust us when we say the platter tasted as delicious as it looks. A combination of tandoori such as Chicken Amari, Chicken Malai, Chicken Seekh and Lamb Seekh Kebabs cooked to absolute perfection is what makes this platter shine. The flavor of each kebab is unique on its own and is melt in your mouth delicious.
Moving on to mains, we were offered three of Biryani Pot’s Signature Curries to try. We the curries were served on our table; the aroma hit us smack in the face and only made us want to dive into curries right away. We sampled the Butter Chicken which is a very popular dish in Indian Cuisine and it’s no surprise here that Biryani Pot has perfected the recipe very well. Delicious pan seared roasted chicken in a rich and creamy tomato based sauce is perfect for a weekend lunch when you’re looking for something rich and comforting at the same time. The boneless chicken was tender and marinated perfectly. The second curry we tried was the Paneer Tikka Masala which is soft Indian cottage cheese prepared in a tomato onion gravy. This curry is perfect for vegetarians; the paneer is tender and melts in your mouth once you bite into it. Lastly, the Best one of the lot! Prawn Masala Curry which is shrimps cooked perfectly in a tomato onion curry with Indian herbs and spices. We love the tenderness of the shrimp and the flavor it imparted into the curry making it a definite WIN! What enhanced the flavor of the curries were the accompaniments of different kinds of Indian breads such as Naan (whole wheat flour bread baked in a tandoor) and Kulchas which is Indian Bread stuffed with butter, garlic, potato or cheese (Our favorite had to be the cheese Kulchas for obvious reasons :P)
After our delightful sampling of curries, we then reached the best part of our tasting session – BIRYANI!
Before our tasting could commence, we knew we would be getting a fair share of some of the best biryani Dubai has to offer, little did we know that it would taste this good. Before us lied three different types of Biryani presented in earthen pots namely, Chicken, Lamb & Quinoa (Yes, Quinoa!) The chicken was tender and the lamb was slow cooked to perfection, making it flake in your mouth. The biryani had a rich aroma of saffron and Indian spices making it taste like heaven in a pot. But what stood out the most for us was the Quinoa Biryani; the concept itself was something we’ve never heard of before. Never in a million years would we have thought of a biryani being healthy, but thanks to Biryani Pot you can now indulge without guilt! The quinoa biryani is gluten and cholesterol free and packed with highest proteins levels. We had our Quinoa Biryani cooked with vegetables but you can also choose from an option of chicken, lamb and shrimp. It is safe to say that this biryani is what is going to make us regulars.
In spite of such a heavy tasting, with us there is always room for dessert! We got to try the absolutely yum Gulab Jamun which is soft fried sweet cheese balls soaked in saffron syrup and the Rasamalai which is cottage cheese dumplings dipped in flavored milk. Both the desserts were soft, delicious and packed with sweetness. If you plan on trying both of them, we highly recommend having the Rasamalai first, followed by the Gulab Jamun as it is much sweeter and you wouldn’t want it to overpower the Rasamalai.
The Bill:
Channa Salad – 15Dhs
Quinoa Salad – 25Dhs
Biryani Pot Mix Grill – 44Dhs
Butter Chicken – 32Dhs
Paneer Tikka Masala – 32Dhs
Prawn Masala Curry – 38Dhs
Chicken Biryani – 38Dhs
Lamb Biryani – 44Dhs
Quinoa Biryani – 44Dhs
Gulab Jamun – 12Dhs
Rasamalai – 10Dhs

Ambience – 3/5
Service – 3.5/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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