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What we look forward most to when approaching a weekend are our Dinner Dates together (especially if it turns out to be Tasting Session dinner dates!), and what got us even more thrilled was that we would be doing this Latino Style! To our surprise we hadn’t visited a Latin Themed restaurant in a very long time, and after we were done with dinner at Pachanga at the Hilton JBR, we couldn’t seem to figure out why.
If you’re looking for something romantic, with dimly set lighting, a beautiful view of the sea and some pretty good live Latin music go along with the most delicious food, then look no further than Pachanga to leave you more than impressed.
The menu, when presented to us looked so good, that we couldn’t really figure out where to begin. From the small plates to the mains, everything looked soo scrumptious, we honestly wish we had bigger appetites (fit for about 10 hungry men at least!)
Our server was kind enough to guide us through what is popular in Pachanga and what are his personal favorites, making the decision so much easier for us.
For Small Plates we tried the “Pulpo Grillado Con Espuma De Limon, Ajo, Cilantro Y Aceite De Olivia” – easily put, it’s a signature dish of Pachanga which is Charcoal grilled octopus with foam of lemon, garlic, coriander and olive. The octopus was cooked to crispy skin perfection! The flavor was spot on and complemented the octopus perfectly, enabling the taste of the octopus to shine through. If you haven’t ever tasted octopus before (like us) and plan on doing so, this dish is the total deal breaker! Thanks to Pachanga, we are now officially major fans of octopus!
We also tried another favorite dish in Pachanga in the form of a salad. The “Ensalada De Langostinos Ecuatorianos” which is Pan seared Ecuadorian prawns with zucchinis salad and crispy garlic was delightful! From the delicate presentation, to the clever combination of flavors and textures, we found this dish faultless. Not to forget, the perfectly cooked prawns and zucchini with a subtle hint of dressing, making this dish a very clean and addictive one.
Moving on to our mains, our server vouched for the quality of meat Pachanga uses and highly recommended it as one of our mains options. And us being suckers for a good piece of steak, we had to go with what our server said.
From the grill, you have five cuts of meat that you can choose from; Bife De Chorizo ( Top Sirloin) , Lomo ( Beef Tenderloin), Ojo De Bife (Rib Eye), Bife De Vacio (Flank) ans lastly Cuadril (Rump).
Being our most popular choice whenever we order steak since it is the most tender cut, we opted for the “Lomo Black Angus” which is Black Angus Tenderloin and had it cooked medium rare.
Along with the steak, we chose the sweet mashed potato and grilled asparagus as sides to go with the steak. From the steak to the sides, everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. What we loved the most was that we were presented with three sauces – Black pepper, mushroom and chimichurri to go along with the dish.
Another main we opted for was under the “From the Sea” selection. We tried the “Vieyras Langostinos Grillados” which basically is Grilled scallops and prawns with green pea puree and sautéed Portobello mushrooms. This dish is probably the most uniquely presented dish we have ever come across. Needless to say the prawns and scallops were cooked perfectly, but what we loved the most was the generous portion of pea puree that complemented the seafood amazingly well. The sautéed mushrooms added an earthy flavor to the dish and wrapped up the dish perfectly, making us salivate with every morsel.
Finally, when it came to dessert, we knew Pachanga would whip out something amaze us. We obviously ordered two desserts since we did not want to miss out on their signature desserts.
First we tried the “Banana Con Dulce de Leche y Mani” which is Banana with peanuts and dulce de leche toffee. When a dessert comprises of bananas, peanuts and delicious toffee sauce, you know this dessert is bound to taste good. It was light, not too heavy and perfectly sweet.
For our second dessert, you can’t just see “molten cake” on the dessert menu and not order it right? Of course not! To end our out-of-this-world tasting session we opted for the delicious “Torta Tibia De Chocolate, Salsa De Vainilla y Helado de Manzana- Mazapan” which in simpler terms is Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla sauce and apple marzipan ice-cream. The molten was definitely one of the best we had, with a well-defined crust on the outside and extremely gooey on the inside. The dish could do without the apple marzipan ice cream since although it was good in flavor, we found it unnecessary. We loved the incorporation of the vanilla sauce instead of ice cream; it adds to the theatre of the dish and balances the richness of the molten, making it a perfect ending to an amazing tasting session.
The Bill:
Pulpo Grillado Con Espuma De Limon, Ajo, Cilantro Y Aceite De Olivia – Dhs40
Ensalada De Langostinos Ecuatorianos – Dhs90
Lomo Black Angus – Dhs220
Pure De Batatas & Esparragos Grillados (Sides) – Dhs40
Vieyras Langostinos Grillados – Dhs140
Banana Con Dulce de Leche y Mani – Dhs60
Torta Tibia De Chocolate, Salsa De Vainilla y Helado de Manzana- Mazapan – Dhs45
Total – Dhs635

Ambience : 4/5
Food : 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

4 - New

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