Event: #4PSGrillInTheCity

What we love most about foodie events is the interaction with fellow bloggers, plus getting to meet new people, but what we love the most of course is experiencing a new restaurant, their food and the best that they have to offer.
Such was an instance at one of the most memorable Foodie Events at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Bur Dubai. The #4psGrillInTheCity event was held to showcase the delectable and mouth watering food some of the restaurants at Four Points by Sheraton have to offer. Our first stop was at Picante located on the Mezzanine floor of the hotel. The ambience was rustic and simplistic, with natural light shining through and an open kitchen to watch the chefs do their magic and bring each and every dish come to life. Picante focuses on Portuguese cuisine (which makes it the first Portuguese restaurant we’ve been too) and the head chef strives to bring out authentic Portuguese flavors and techniques into his dishes. Clearly, we were very excited!
We began our culinary journey at Picante with a shot of delicious Gazpacho, soon after which the starters and salads started rolling in. Among them include the “Portuguese Tavern” which includes some delectable homemade Portuguese finger food for us to try such as the Bacalhau (Portuguese dish made with salted cod, scrambled eggs and potato), Beef Croquettes and Chicken Pie. We enjoyed the Bacalhau the most as it is something we’ve never tried before, yet enjoyed it thoroughly. We were also presented with a Pineapple and Watermelon Salad with balsamic vinegar. The combination of pineapple and watermelon mixed with fresh greens tasted light and very refreshing and the dressing perfected the salad as well. Lastly, for our fourth starter, we had the Gambas “A La Guillho” which is sautéed shrimps with olive oil, garlic, coriander and red chili. We loved the garlic sauce which complimented the shrimps very well. The entire dish was simple with generous portions of shrimp and not overpowering with flavor, making the shrimp the hero of the dish.
For mains, we were presented with Seafood Rice which was traditional creamy seafood infused rice with shrimps, clams, and mussels. We loved the aura of the dish letting the seafood shine through. All the seafood we tried in this dish was cooked perfectly summing up to very warm and hearty dish.
We also tried the Bacalhau “A Bras” which is cod fish with scrambled eggs, parsley and crispy potatoes. We loved the authenticity of this dish and how it resembles to the flavors and techniques of Portuguese cooking. The texture of this dish was very interesting and the flavor was absolutely spot on. We also loved the slice of cod on the side which tasted delicious and fresh.
For our third main we had the Grilled King Prawns with grilled vegetables and sautéed mushrooms. This is one of those dishes where the method is simple however the quality of the produce used in premium. The mushrooms complimented the shrimp’s exquisitely and turned out to be quiet an interesting combination.
Lastly we had the Chicken Stew cooked with fresh coriander, tomato and bell pepper. This dish screams Portugal, the chicken was served on the bone (just as it should be in stews according to us) and the stock/gravy was packed with flavor and delicious. It was a perfect way to wind up our tasting at Picante.
After such an enjoyable experience at Picante, we couldn’t wait to head to La Terrace for coffee and dessert! Upon arrival we were stunned with beautifully decorated tables.
We were then presented with individual dessert platters where each of us got to sample some of the best desserts at La Terrace. But what we loved more than anything was the personalization of our desserts with our instagram handles engraved in white chocolate. We all felt like children again and got very excited once we noticed it. The three desserts we got to experiment include Mini Pasties De Nata which is a delicious egg custard pie that tasted absolutely sensational. We also tried the Chocolate Mousse (Our Favorite) which was rich and yet not too heavy since it had a very light, airy and creamy consistency. Lastly we tried the Fresh Berry Tartlets as well to wind up our fun afternoon over tea and coffee!
Towards the end, as a “thank you” by the very thoughtful representatives of Four Points by Sheraton and Verve, we were each presented with another personalized chocolate cakes wrapped in fondant and our edible names printed on it with a few other goodies and vouchers as well, which was the icing on the cake. It was a very enjoyable afternoon indeed.

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