Event: 800 Degrees Media Launch

Located at the new extension of the Mall Of The Emirates Level 2, is a unique and wonderful concept of how one can enjoy the humble pizza. 800 degrees serves some of the most delicious Neapolitan Pizzas you can find in Dubai.
What we love about this restaurant is that you can get your hand on creating your own unique pizza with whatever base, toppings and ingredients you like. And if that’s too tiresome for you, 800 degrees got a list of delicious speciality pizzas as well for you to opt from (Our favorite was the Tartufo).
You can even indulge in small bites like the Fire Feta Bread, Meatballs and enjoy a delicious portion of burrata and salads as well (which is also customizable).
Overall, even though these are not the best pizzas we’ve had, they’re definitely a better alternative to most of the generic pizza outlets in Dubai.

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