Event: Dinner On An Abra!

Last Wednesday happened to be what we consider the “highlight” of our blogging journey. It was a few weeks ago that we got an invite that seemed too good to be true. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine meting and dining with celebrity chef, Vineet Bhatia. But what absolutely baffled us was that we would be dining on an Abra. We couldn’t wrap our heads around the concept; nevertheless we absolutely thrilled at the fact that we were getting the chance to meet Chef Vineet Bhatia himself! The event was held to showcase the Chowpatty menu at Ashiana and the evolution of simple Indian cooking, and 7 lucky bloggers and media representatives were selected to avail this golden opportunity; we were two of them.
We arrived at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers at 7pm where we all met up for a welcome drink at Ashiana. While we were casually sipping on our specially concocted lychee mojitos, Chef Vineet approaches and instantly left us star stuck! Not only was he humble but witty as well, leaving us feeling very comfortable around him.
At 7:30pm we were then escorted to two cars that drove us to the creek. At the creek we then boarded an abra that took us to another abra that had been specially selected and decorated for the occasion.
We were absolutely stunned to see how beautifully set up the Abra was. The setting was charmingly decorated and the seating was very comfortable – kudos to the entire team of Sheraton & Ashiana for such an amazing and breathtaking job with the transformation.
But just as were beginning to digest the exquisiteness of the transformed Abra, the food started pouring in. We were offered two refreshing drinks – sweet lime and mango lassi (a sweetened yogurt drunk with mixed with mango puree) and we were then presented with a starter platter of Lamb with Onion Chutney in a Sesame Cone, Dhokle Chat Tokri, Potato Pomegranate Papdi and Khandvi. Each one us on the Abra devoured the dish and wiped the plate clean! The Lamb spiced with chaat masala in the sesame cone was stellar! Amazing combination of flavors and presentation.
For our second course, we were instantly taken back to the good old days. An absolutely beautiful and genius idea with the presentation (considering we were on an Abra in the middle of the Creek!) We were each presented with our own “Dabba’s” (stacked steel containers which is used all over India to transport lunch) which comprised of Hirvi Fish, Mustard Fish Tikka, Chilli-lime Macchi, Palak Paneer, Dal Maharani, Saffron Peas Pulav, Cheese Naan & Sundried Tomato Kulcha. Each component of the mains tasted unique with flavors that burst like fireworks in our mouths and left us salivating for more.
After a hearty and filling second course we were down to our last, the desserts. What stood out for us and probably was our dish of the day was the Rose Petal Gulab Jamun Cheesecake! The cheesecake looked spectacular and was absolutely delicious. We loved the pieces of gulab jamun (sweetened and fried Indian dumplings) intricately layered in the cheesecake and the flavor off the rose added a whole new dimension to the dish. We were also presented with a Rasamalai Lasagna with Pista Rabdi. The lasagna was stuffed with berries and the Pista Rubdi was light and very soothing to the Palette.
Even though the food was spot on during our evening, what seemed exceptional for us was the way the entire event was planned and executed. Right from the transportation of the food to the kind hospitality, everything was PERFECT. And let’s face it; nothing can beat dining on an Abra in the middle of the creek with a amazing view and even more, an amazing chef by your side. This night was absolutely memorable and unforgettable, and we hope that the concept of “Dining on an Abra” doesn’t remain a one night event; because one thing is for sure – we will definitely be regulars!

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