Event: Margherita – Grand Opening

During our busy week we managed to make time for the Press and Media Launch Event at Margherita and we are so glad we did. We were completely thrilled to have met the restaurant managers, press from all over Dubai and the Italian Counsellor himself who was the guest of honor.
But what really stood out for us was the warm hospitality at the event and how perfectly organized everything was. The buffet table was filled with a spread of some of the most scrumptious Italian Cuisine we’ve ever had. Right from the drinks to the delicious Quinoa Salad, to the light and fluffy Gnocchi to the perfectly cooked baked eggplant, and not to forget, an array of absolutely delicious pizzas.
Everything was stellar and couldn’t help ourselves and opted to get a second serving for pretty much everything! If there is one thing we absolutely loved and want everyone to take notice is their Truffle Pizza, we can easily say it’s the best pizza we’ve had! And believe us when we say we’ve had a lot.

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