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We recently visited the swanky new Café Bateel branch located in JBR. Bateel has always been a good experience for us because of their phenomenal hospitality. However this is post is to highlight that bateel is more than just premium quality dates and desserts. The food menu Bateel is vast; right from soups and salads to mains, you name it and they’ve got a variety of it. What stood out for us the most though was the simplicity of each dish with the perfect presentation which makes bateel’s dishes stand out.
At our tasting session last Friday, we were blown away by how beautiful the new branch looked. Not only do they have a prime location near the beach, but the restaurant is massive making it very easy to spot. We recommend visiting Bateel during the day time since the long glass walls let in the sunlight which in turn creates a very positive and upbeat vibe in the restaurant. Café Bateel is divided into two seating areas; the coffee seating and the lunch and dinner seating. Since we were here for lunch, our server escorted us to Lunch area right next to the desserts! (Yay :D)
We were presented with two menus, the regular Café Bateel menu and the Seasonal Menu that change every season. For appetizers, we decided to opt for a salad from their seasonal menu. When we saw “Burrata Salad” on the menu we instantly decided to opt for it since its one of our absolute favorite! The salad contained creamy burrata cheese with grilled zucchini, aubergine, bell pepper, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, fava beans and crisp jir jir leaves marinated in pesto. The dish was beautifully presented and the burrata looked decadent on the plate. The flavors were clean and simple with a mild pesto dressing that subtly complemented the burrata.
For our mains we decided to opt for the oven roasted sea bass from the seasonal menu. Not only did the dish taste amazing but it looked pretty too. This dish contained sea bass brushed with miso and coated win a sesame crust served with cannelloni bean puree, red pepper and chive sauce. We loved the flavors and complexity of this dish to an extent that we highly recommend this dish taking a place in the original menu (since we’re definitely coming back for it) The sea bass was cooked to flaky perfection and the crust added a perfect crunchy texture. We also loved the addition of bean puree as opposed to regular mashed potato; it’s definitely a healthy and tastier option. Here again, the flavors were simply yet spot on.
For our second main we opted for a popular dish in the original menu called Chicken Saltimbocca. It is a corn fed chicken breast filled with mozzarella, fresh sage, sundried tomato and served with a potato and mushroom gratin. The chicken was tender and cooked perfectly, however we felt that the dish could do with a little more sauce to add more depth and flavor and the filling could have been a little more. What really stood out for us was the potato and mushroom gratin; it was soft and light, seasoned to perfection and complemented the chicken very well.
Finally for the best part – Desserts & Coffee! We opted for the Arabic coffee served with their signature dates since its perfect to cut through the sweetness of the desserts. Honoring the specialty of Bateel dates we also opted for the bateel date coffee which is a delicious hot beverage with layers of coffee and date puree. The flavor of the coffee was mild and the dates were pretty evident, it was definitely unique and one to try!
For our desserts, we choose the delicious Chocolate Fondant served with vanilla bean ice cream. The fondant, once we cut into it, was slightly on the thicker side but we loved it nevertheless. It was rich, gooey and delicious, like all fondants should be.
But however the highlight of our meal was definitely the Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae from the seasonal menu. The dessert was presented in a tall wide glass filled with fresh strawberries, raspberry coulis, cheesecake ice cream, whipped cream and pistachio crumble. The flavors and textures of each ingredient in this dessert married together perfectly. The cheesecake ice cream gave the perfect sweetness, along with the tartness provided by the strawberries and raspberry coulis combined beautifully and balanced perfectly with the pistachio crumble and whipped cream. Definitely our dish of the day!
The Bill:
Burrata Salad – Dhs65
Oven Roasted Sea Bass – Dhs115
Chicken Saltimbocca – Dhs85
Chocolate Fondant – Dhs30
Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae – Dhs27

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5

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  1. We shall be going to Bateel in early 2017 but I’m desperate for the menu for the sea bass with miso and sesame , if possible could you sent it to me.
    Thank you

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