Restaurant Review – Frioul

It’s not very often that we go on a French lunch date, partly due to the fact that the cuisine is generally on a higher price range and we haven’t yet found a truly authentic French menu that wowed us. However, last week we decided to make a trip to Madinat Jumeirah ad try out Frioul that has completely changed our perception of French dining. Not only did we tuck into some authentic French – Mediterranean food, but we also got to experience casual dining at its finest!
Frioul has already set its mark when it comes to breakfast; people raving about their eggs benedicts and French toast has been going on for over a year now. What really intrigued us was their lunch and dinner menu, and how spectacular and vast the variety of food Frioul has to offer. The vibe and ambience of this restaurant will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The glass windows with the light shining through it and the beautiful view of the Madinat with the Burj Al Arab lurking in the background is bound to keep you lounging at Frioul for hours.
For our Lunch Date, we sampled some of the best dishes Frioul has to offer. We started off with the Tapas & Pizzatta section and tried the Truffle Pizza. What we loved about this pizza was that the base was crisp and thin (hence not heavy at all) and the flavor was perfectly balanced and not overpowering, evident enough for us to savor the flavor, just how we like it.
From the “To Begin” section we sampled the “Terrine De Foie Maison, Chutney Et Pain Toaste” (a homemade Foie Gras terrine served with chutney and toasted bread) This dish serves as a perfect snack on its own; we were instantly fans. It’s very rare for us to see Fois Gras on a menu and not order it, and Frioul definitely tops the list of the best Fois Gras we’ve had yet. The texture was light and creamy and the contrast of the sweet chutney with crunchiness of the bread was a match made in heaven!
We also tried the “Tartare de thon avocet et Vinaigrette Truffle et Yuzu” (Tuna tartar with truffle, avocado and yuzu truffle dressing) Here again the use of truffle was spot on! A slight and delicate hint of the truffle coupled with the delicately diced tuna married together perfectly and was beautifully presented; a perfect starter indeed if you’re craving something light and delicious
Under the “Pasta & Risotto” section is what we believe to be the best risotto we’ve ever had (no jokes) The “Risotto aux Champignons et a la Truffle” is a Portobello & Truffle Risotto. Right from the cooking technique to the flavor, this dish screams perfection. The risotto was perfectly al dente and the Portobello added a delicious earthiness to the dish and the element of truffle had an obviously amped up the dish to a whole new level. The portion size of this dish was generous as well, easily making it one of the best dishes we’ve had in Frioul.
From the “Meat” section, we tried the “Travers de Boeuf Facon Barbecue, Puree de Patate Douce et Champignons” (Braised Beef Short Ribs BBQ with Sweet Potato puree and Mushrooms). Definitely without a doubt a massive favorite at Frioul. The ribs were super tender and juicy and the BBQ sauce adds to the lip-smacking flavor in your mouth, combined with the sweet potato puree not only adds to the attractiveness of the dish but compliments the flavor of the dish and rounds off the flavors perfectly. Needless to say, we wiped the plate clean!
We also decided to opt for a seafood dish; hence we tried the “Loup de Mer Sauvage. Rosacea de Legumes, Citron et Reduction de Balsamique” (Grilled wild Sea Bass, Vegetable Rosacea, Lemon and Balsamic Relish) The Sea Bass was beautifully seasoned, cooked to flaky perfection and tasted really clean and pleasant with the dressing. Another dish we highly recommend for those looking for something light and delicate.
To go along with our mains, we devoured some sides as well. The Provencale Rotatouille & Truffle Mashed Potatoes were perfect accompaniments and effortlessly lifted and rounded off our meal.
To end our beautifully meal we sampled three of Frioul’s spectacular (to say the least) desserts. The first dessert we had was the “Orange et Dolce Fondant, Glace a la Vanilla et Oranges Confites” (Dole and Orange Fondant with vanilla ice cream and a crispy orange confit) The fondant absolutely did not disappoint us. As soon as we cut into it, thick and luscious chocolate oozed out of the fondant. When we tasted it, we loved the element of orange and felt it to be a amazing and genius combination.
We also tried the “Panna Cotta A La Fraise Et Citron Vert, Tuile A l’Orange” (Strawberry and Lime Pannacotta with an Orange Truile) The Pannacotta was creamy, light, perfectly set and wasn’t heavy in the slightest sense. The tartness of the strawberry compote complemented the pannacotta beautifully.
Finally (and sadly), our last dish of the dish we got the opportunity we got the opportunity to sample a dessert that has been recently introduced in Frioul. Their Baked Cheesecake served beautifully on a cheese platter with blueberry compote and a pineapple jam on the side is everything one could ever ask for in a dessert, absolutely perfect & and a winner in our eyes!
The Bill:
Truffle Pizza – Dhs80
De Foie Maison, Chutney Et Pain Toaste – Dhs75
Tartare de thon avocat et Vinaigrette Truffle et Yuzu – Dhs75
Risotto aux Champignons et a la Truffle – Dhs150
Travers de Boeuf Facon Barbecue, Puree de Patate Douce et Champignons – Dhs160
Loup de Mer Sauvage. Rosacea de Legumes, Citron et Reduction de Balsamique – Dhs160
Provencale Rotatouille – Dhs30
Truffle Mashed Potatoes – Dhs40
Orange et Dolce Fondant, Glace a la Vanilla et Oranges Confites – Dhs55
Panna Cotta A La Fraise Et Citron Vert, Tuile A l’Orange – Dhs40

Ambience – 4.5/5
Food – 5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value – 4/5

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