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We’re halfway through the Weekend and if you still haven’t decided on the perfect way to spend your weekend brunch then look no further than Kanpai’s “Party All Weekend” Brunch located in Souk Al Bahar. This brunch was recently launched and we were thrilled to e the first to try it. And knowing that Kanpai well renowned for its delicious Japanese cuisine and casual chic atmosphere, we knew we’d be heading for an absolutely unforgettable brunch.
The brunch includes a alcoholic and non-alcohol package, we opted for the latter.
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Our server presented us with our brunch menus and we were very impressed with the variety of courses and dishes that would be offered to us. The first section of our brunch was “Soups and Salads”, of which we were given an unlimited tasting of!
– Miso soup which tasted refreshing and packed with intense coriander flavor
– Green salad with delicious sesame dressing that had a hint of peanut. The dressing added a nice sweetness to the dish.
Our next course was a long list of “small dishes” for us to sample some of Kanpai’s delicacies and signature dishes. Our Unlimited choice included:
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– Edamame and Rock Salt, It was cooked just right and seasoned perfectly. However we wished the edamame was marinated in a sauce to add flavor to the dish
– Vegetable Spring Rolls, The spring rolls were delightfully crispy and generously filled. We loved the topping of sweet chili over the spring rolls; it added a really good punch to the dish.
– Chicken Gyoza with Chili Soy Vinegar sauce, The gyozas were cooked just how we like it, steamed and fried to perfection. The texture was spot on and the chili soy sauce served a great accompaniment.
-Wasabi Prawns. The prawns were crispy and golden on the outside and cooked perfectly. The wasabi wasn’t too strong and helped heat up the dish perfectly.
-Beef Tataki with Truffle Soy Sauce, This was a favorite and we ordered seconds and thirds o this dish! The beef was tender and the marinade was absolutely delicious. One serving of this will definitely have you craving more and more.
– Golden Brown Chicken Karange with Golden Salt. These were deep fried morsels of chicken that were tender and juicy on the inside. The golden salt definitely added flavor to the dish however we felt it was insignificant as far as contribution to taste was concerned Nevertheless it was pleasant, but not something that stood out.
– Deep fried soft shell crap with Singaporean Chili Sauce, Another favorite among the Small Dishes! The sauce was beautifully sweet and spicy at the same time, however we wished the crab was a bit crispier.
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Moving on to our “Nigiri & Sashimi” section, we tried the Chefs selection of assorted sushi which include Tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail. We also tried the Salmon Sashimi and a assortment of rolls including California, Philadelphia and Vegetable Rolls. The presentation of our sushi platter was absolutely beautiful; we loved the effort as it seemed too good to eat. The portion of this course was very generous as well making it impossible for us tuck into a second serving.
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The best part however was during our Main Course where we were escorted to the Teppenyaki station where our main course was prepared in front of us. We had to choose one main dish among a list of Teppan Dishes per person with a choice of sides that included fried rice, noodle and fried vegetables.
The selections of mains were:
– Teppan Beef
– Teppan Salmon
– Teppan Chicken
– Teppan Tofu Steak
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We opted for the Teppan Beef with fried rice and Teppan Salmon with fried vegetable and rice. We loved the theatre when it came to preparing our dishes. Not only was it very interactive and entertaining, but the mains were cooked spot on and seasoned perfectly.
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To end our extravagant brunch we moved on to dessert. The dessert platter was a magnificent display of some of the most popular desserts at Kanpai that looked too gorgeous to disturb and eat. The dessert platter included:
– Assorted Mochi & Macaroons
– Yuzu Cheesecake with Citrus Mascarpone & Golden Leaves
– Mango IceCream
– Assorted Fruits and with Golden Powder
Kanpai (18)
We absolutely loved the creaminess and texture of the cheesecake. But what stood out for us was the Mango IceCream, It was smooth, almost like a gelato with a strong punch of mango flavor. It posed as a palate cleanser and the perfect end to our meal!

Non-Alcoholic – Dhs249
Alcoholic – Dhs349

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

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