Restaurant Review – Omnia Baharat

A tasting session becomes all the more exceptional when the master chef behind the restaurant present to greet you for the tasting. That’s precisely what happened at our tasting session at Omnia Baharat by Silvena at the newly opened Mall of the Emirates Level 2 Extension.
We were start struck you could say, when we were greeted by Chef Silvena herself telling us how happy she was to have us at her restaurant. Omnia is bright, vibrant and beautifully designed. Right from the graffiti walls to the orchard filled ceilings, the restaurant is visually perfect. We (4 of us) were seated and presented with our menus, we straight away ordered a lemon mint, raspberito which is a raspberry flavored mojito, green beauty which is a mixture of fresh avocado and kiwi fruit blended with honey and fresh milk.
We decided to go light for our starters since we knew that Omnia Baharat specializes in Burgers and Lobsters, so we ordered a Omnia Cesar which is locally sourced salad leaves, Omnia Cesar dressing, crushed pita crumbs and Parmesan cheese. The salad tasted like any other Cesar Salad you would find, however we felt the lettuce wasn’t crisp enough and we were left feeling underwhelmed without any protein.
We also had the “Real Potato Fries” and “Real Onion Rings”, both cooked in olive oil and homemade. Our only criticism would have to be the fries being a little soggy despite being triple cooked.
Now for the best part, the burgers! We opted for two signature vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers to try. The first burger we tried was the Omnia Falafel Burger which is crispy homemade falafel topped with generous creamy hummus and rocket salad leaves, tomato, red onions and extra hummus! In any normal case, a Falafel burger would probably be the last thing we would opt for when craving burgers, however Omnia Baharat’s Falafel Burger is something extraordinary and unique. The patty was crisp and hummus was flavorful and delicious. We loved the textural play in the burger and we felt it was probably the best amount the 4 we had chosen.
The second one we tried was the Quinoa Burger, this was we’ve ever tasted a quinoa burger and we loved the fact that now burgers can now be vegetarian, healthy and lip-smacking delicious. The quinoa was cooked perfectly and the party had a nice gentle crisp outer layer adding a delicious crunch to the burger.
For our third burger we tried the Omnia KashKash which is grounded lamb kebab patty, topped with oozing cheese, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Omnia sauce. The lamb was cooked to tender perfection and compliment the Omnia sauce perfectly. We loved the burst of flavors this burger provided making us want to devour at least 5 of these!
Finally for our fourth burger, we tried the Omnia Wagyu. Being suckers for Wagyu, we were very excited for this burger. The burgers was filled with pure grade 8+ Wagyu ground beef patty, sumac caramelized onions, marmalade and their signature Omnia sauce. We loved how juicy the burger tasted and the sweetness of the marmalade gave the burger an edge. The Wagyu literally melted in our mouths making us fall in love with Wagyu beef all over again. If we had to nit pick, the burgers could have a more depth of flavor and could have been cooked more delicately to a medium rare consistency. We also felt the portions were a bit on smaller side as any normal person with an average appetite would find one burger insufficient. We would also recommend a small portion of fries or onion rings to be served along as a side with each burger instead of ordering them separately.
To end our delicious tasting we opted for three desserts, we started off with a slice of Scarlet Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting. It wasn’t the best red velvet cake we’ve tried however we loved the multiple layers and how moist the cake was!
We also ordered the Nutella Style Sheikha and Bounty Style Sheikha. We loved how healthy and delicious these little treats were! Both our Sheikha’s were raw, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and pure vegetarian. For desserts with that many restrictions, it tasted unbelievably good. Our favorite would have to be the Bounty Sheikha since it had a strong resemblance to the chocolate we all love!
The Bill:
Cesar Salad – 39Dhs
Real Potato Fries – 17Dhs
Real Onion Rings – 17Dhs
Omnia Falafel Burger – 29Dhs
Quinoa Burger – Dhs
Omnia KashKash – 39Dhs
Omnia Wagyu – 59Dhs
Nutella Style Sheikha – 39Dhs
Bounty Style Sheikha – 39Dhs
Scarlet Red Velvet Cake – 29Dhs

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3/5
Value – 3.5

3_5 - New

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