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This post is somewhat an important one for us, being the best tasting session we have ever been to in our WhereMyFoodAt journey. It was last weekend where we decided to drive up to Madinat Jumeirah and visit Pacha Dubai, not knowing exactly what to expect. We have heard people raving about the nightclub scene, the performances and the food at Pacha, but we really couldn’t place it our minds. Instances like these get us all the more excited as we knew we could be in for a fabulous experience, and it sure was.
The concept at Pacha is pretty impressive. There are two dinner sittings, one at 7:30pm and one at 9:30pm. The guests can choose from a very refined selection of food from the menu. During each sitting, at 20-30 minute intervals, there are mini live shows where a group of talented artists demonstrate dance performances and acrobatics that are bound to bow your mind. Words (or pictures) cannot describe how unbelievable spectacular these performances are; it’s something that needs to be experienced live.
We made it for the 9:30pm sitting on Thursday night and the entire restaurant was packed with not a single table free! The ambience was remarkable with a huge elevated stage at the centre and tables around it. We were presented with our menus and enjoyed our food along with the performances.
To begin, we started off with the Chicken & Truffle Shao Mai Dumplings from the Dim Sum section. The dim sums were traditionally presented in baskets, steamed perfectly and had a hint of truffle that tasted very unique
Moving on to our starters, we opted for the Duck Foie Gras with Miso Mustard, Parmesan Gelato & Root Chips. Probably the best and spectacular Foie Gras dish we’ve had. The texture was creamy and smooth and the parmesan gelato added a nice saltiness to the dish. We’re definitely coming back for more of this dish.
We also tried the Tempura Fried Calamari with Spicy Chipotle Sauce. The calamari was fried to golden crunchy perfection and seasoned well.
Our server had also recommended the Spicy Thai Beef Salad, vouching that it’s a very popular dish and tasted delicious too. He wasn’t wrong, the salad had a lot of crunch and the dressing made us salivate. The perfectly julienned vegetables along with the delicate shards of beef added to the flavor and texture of the dish
With our appetizers and salads being unbelievably good, we could barely wait to try out our mains. With options like Lamb, Wagyu Beef, Ribs, Sea Bass and Risotto etc to choose from, we found it difficult to make up our minds since everything looked soo delicious. With a lot of contemplation and assistance from our kind server, we finally decided on going with the Wagyu Tenderloin on Citrus and Oyster Sauce with Vitelotte Potato Foam. We ordered our tenderloin Medium Rare and it was cooked just as we like it. The sauce was light and simple and enhanced the flavor off the wagyu.
We also tried the Short Ribs with Red Wine, Rosemary & Chocolate Sauce on Polenta & Pickled Pumpkin. This dish gets better and better with every spoonful. The sticky sweet glaze coating of the tender and flaky ribs is to die for! The polenta as well was a very clever accompaniment with the Ribs since it soaked the sauce up and added depth to the dish. It definitely has to be our Dish Of The Day!
We ended our exquisite dinner with dessert since there no way we could leave without it. We opted for the Chocolate Parfait with Coffee Ice Cream. This dessert was luscious, creamy, rich and scrumptious. The Coffee Ice Cream went perfectly well with the parfait. We also tried the Red Pacha Variation which was absolutely gorgeous and a treat to our taste buds! Loved the play on textures, the earthiness from the pistachio ice cream was marvelous and rounded off the dessert!
Once our dinner session and performances were complete, the elevated stage was lowered to the ground and with our table folded and moved aside, the entire area was not turned instantly into a dance floor with a DJ busting out some amazing tunes and we all danced the night away. This definitely beats any tasting session we’ve ever had and highly recommend Pacha for a birthday or any type of celebration, since it will be an experience which in no way would leave you disappointed.
The Bill:
Chicken & Truffle Shao Mai Dumplings – Dhs65
Duck Foie Gras – Dhs135
Tempura Fried Calamari – Dhs135
Spicy Thai Beef Salad – Dhs115
Wagyu Tenderloin – Dhs295
Short Ribs with Red Wine – Dhs195
Chocolate Parfait with Coffee Ice Cream – Dhs55
Red Pacha Variation – Dhs55

Ambience – 4.5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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