Event: Cream Of Europe

The White Night held at the fabulous poolside of Vida Downtown Dubai to showcase the “Cream of Europe”. The event was far from ordinary, with spectacular decor and white hues brightening up the event. What added to the glamour of White Night were the guests dressed in white as well, making the event even more special.
Not only did we get an insight into the richness of quality and lusciousness of French cream, but we also got to sample a few dishes – savory and sweet, which had cream incorporated into it. They were created by the head chefs of different restaurants at Vida and the flavor was of course, spot on! The menu comprised of a variety of Tropezienne (a delectable French pastry) with different fillings to go with the pastry.
Among these included; a Tropezienne with praline, vanilla and cinnamon ginger crumble by Chef Izu Ani from La Serre, a Tropezienne with Lobster, Celery Root Cream, Preserved Lemon and Chives by Chef Spencer Lee Black and a Tropezienne with Foie Gras, peppered dark chocolate mousse and vinegar jelly by Chef Spencer again. We couldn’t really imagine cream being incorporated into savory dishes, however after trying a few, there’s no doubt we’re definitely a fan of this quirky idea.
Once we were done with the event, the very next day, we headed to the Top Chef Cooking Studio located at Jumeirah for an exclusive one on one master class with the pastry chef Zairah Molina of Le Serre as she shares the recipe and cooking techniques of how to make a perfect Tropezienne.
She vouches for French products and ingredients and emphasized a lot on perfect measurements. It’s no wonder that when she was done with such an accurate and rather comprehensive recipe, the pastry tasted like heaven to say the least. We officially have a newfound respect for pastry chefs all over the worst, and more important a new found love for European cream.

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