Restaurant Review – Borgo Vecchio

Last week for our #TastingDate we walked into a very romantic and rather quintessential restaurant located at the beautifully lit up streets of Downtown Dubai.
Borgo Vecchio is an authentic Italian feast house that offers a very classy indoor setting as well a calming outdoor seating as well. We wouldn’t think twice before recommending Borgo Vecchio to people who are looking for a gorgeous place to reward themselves with after a hectic week – after all, it’s not just the ambience that is beauty personified but the food is top notch as well; making Borgo Vecchio quite the all rounder.
The dim lights and antique table setting kick started the chic vibe that this restaurant exudes, but what enhanced it was the service that was being offered to us that make us feel warm and welcomed.
We started off with drinks – freshly squeezed glasses of orange and carrot juices and then got to glancing through the menu. The menu was precise, yet very demonstrative. And with the help of our very friendly server, we got to ordering our meal.
We started off with a bowl of Tomato Soup which was extremely creamy and flavorful. The seasoning was perfect as well.
We then moved on to a salad comprising of Burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes. Burrata is definitely our favorite cheese, hands down! And we were so glad our server vouched for this dish. The burrata melts in your mouth and the bursts of cherry tomatoes posses as the perfect accompaniment, making it a clean yet delicious salad.
For our mains we tried the Homemade Ravioli with cep mushrooms and Black Truffle Carpaccio. This dish was beautifully presented and the aroma of the truffles was very evident. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and the filling of puréed mushrooms enhanced the flavor of the truffles. Definitely one of the best ravioli dishes we’ve had.
We also tried the Organic Roasted Leg of Lamb with potatoes, tagiasche olives and herbs. Our lamb was unfortunately slightly overcooked, but the sauce was delightful. The fried cubes of potatoes added a nice crunch to the dish and elevated the flavors overall.
At Borgo Vecchio, you can never visit this place and not try their pizza, because that’s what they specialize it. So we did just that. We ordered the Italian pepperoni “Diavola” Pizza. The pizza, like any good pizza, had a wafer thin crust with a Margherita base and a generous portion of pepperoni. Soo yum!
For our desserts, we tried the Tiramisu and the Chocolate Lava Cake.
Before our tasting at Borgo Vecchio, we’ve heard a lot about the Tiramisu served at this restaurant and how it tantalized everyone’s taste buds. We however did not buy any of that until and unless we tasted it for ourselves. It’s safe to say now, that after devouring this Tiramisu, it is for certain the best tiramisu you’ll ever have (in Dubai at least). The flavors were balanced stunningly and the dessert wasn’t too rich. We loved the addition of the honeycomb crunch as well that added to the texture.
The Spicy chocolate Lava Cake with artisanal hazelnut ice cream was another favorite. The lava was gooey and tasted deliciously rich and thick. The addition of spice through chili gave a good kick and the raspberry sauce added to the tartness of the dish. We loved this fondant because you get sweet, sour and spicy – all in one dessert!
The Bill:
Tomato Soup – Dhs46
Burrata Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes – Dhs59
Homemade Raviolli – Dhs75
Roasted Leg Of Lamb – Dhs98
Diavola Pizza – Dhs67
Tiramisu – Dhs49
Chocolate Lava Cake – Dhs52

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

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