Restaurant Review: No. 3

Here’s a post that’s going to get almost everyone excited! Finally, prayers have been answered in Dubai as we have now been graced with a little eatery located in BoxPark that is dedicated entirely to the humble waffle. When we say it’s a shop that only serves waffles, we aren’t exaggerating. Be it savory or sweet, breakfast or lunch, everything on the menu is made with the waffle concept. This is why we aren’t going to even doubt how brilliantly No 3 Waffles is going to do. It’s like a childhood fantasy coming to life for us as we almost cried with excitement.
No 3 waffles portray some of the most quirky interiors we’ve seen in a cafe. With its street art decor and bold and bright color scheme, No 3 waffles is all about the funky/vibrant/relaxed vibe.
But although the ambience stood out for us, what we commended the most though was the service (our servers name was Ferns) that we got to experience. We were well informed about dishes in the menu and felt at ease that’s to the pleasant hospitality.
Everything put aside however, No 3 Waffles is pure genius for one thing alone – The Waffles!
We began our tasting with two warms cup of Cappuccino (loved the coffee art btw) and then began glancing through the menu with the assistance of our server.
To begin with, we decided to opt for a breakfast dish because how can you say no to the combination of waffle, eggs and bacon? Being our favorite breakfast item since the longest time, we opted for the Eggs Benedict which are crispy waffles topped with sautéed spinach, eggs and béarnaise sauce with mushrooms and beef bacon on the side. It is safe to say that this “waffle version” of Eggs Benedict tastes a lot better than just using a brioche bun. We loved the crunch of waffle and the flavor of the egg as it oozed along the waffle. Beef bacon with anything tastes good so for obvious reasons we were a big fan of this dish.
Our second dish we opted for was the Kamikaze which is a potato based dish. This dish again revolutionized “fries” for us. These waffle shaped potato slices served with a spicy mayo, kimchi and shredded beef on top is definitely something we’re coming back for more. The waffle shapes helped the potato taste crispier and add an extra bite to the dish. There’s nothing not to love with the Kamikaze, from the flavors to the texture – everything was perfect!
There are a lot of other savory options as well – like the waffle dog which we’re definitely going to try someday and the Waffle Fried Chicken dish as well. But being at a waffle shop, we obviously needed to save space for the sweet stuff!
First, we tried the Red Velvet, and yes, it was in the form of a waffle. It didn’t only look divine but tasted pretty good too. We consistency of the waffle was different compared to the savory waffles. The Red Velvet Waffle was more cake-ey and soft. The cream cheese frosting in the middle reminded us of all the delicious Red Velvet cakes we’ve eaten, but with a twist.
We also tried the Brownie Surprise which was officially the best dish we’ve tried at No 3 Waffles. This dish (not for the faint hearted) is two deliciously thick chocolate waffles topped with chopped up kinder, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. We loved the richness of this brownie and how sinful the combination tasted. Although the portion is huge, it can very easily be devoured by two people.
Luckily for us, we also got to sample a dish that isn’t launched in the menu yet but will be soon. It is called the Blueberry “Muffle” which is combination of a muffin and waffle. It is a perfect meal for dessert; however we would prefer it for breakfast. We loved how the batter had chopped up blueberries in it and the waffles were extremely moist. The freshness of the blueberries on top along with the sweetness of the whipped cream is definitely a winner in our eyes!
The Bill:
Eggs Benedict – Dhs51
Kamikaze – Dhs38
Red Velvet Waffle – Dhs44
Brownie Surprise – Dhs46

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

3_5 - New

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