Bakery Review – Ribbons & Balloons

Nestled in the busy lanes of Oud Metha lies one of our new favorite sweet escape fondly known by many as “Ribbons and Balloons”. It’s safe to say that a visit to Ribbons and Balloons can certainly lift up one’s mood for the betterment. It’s amazing to see how such a tiny shop can contain such creativity and charm. During our visit to Ribbons and Balloons, we were fortunate enough to have met the founder herself Chitra and got to witness how one can be so passionate and fond of baking as she is. Not only did we get to hear about her incredible journey that led her to this level, but what also got to try some of her latest creations too (Please note, Our tasting consisted of smaller portions as compared to the originals!)
One such creation was the Red Velvet Cake. This is no ordinary Red Velvet Cake. The cake is covered with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting (and a very generous amount of it) in between the layers. We thought the addition of chocolate to the cream cheese frosting was genius since it added to the richness of the flavor. The cake itself was really moist and perfectly baked.
Another creation, and what seems to be setting a trend all over Dubai, is the Lotus Cake. The lotus cake is inspired by the Lotus biscuit that has created an enormous trend all over. We personally love Lotus ourselves for the sweet caramelized tinge it adds to desserts and at Ribbons and Balloons, the generous addition of Lotus infused into its cake gives us a Lotus overdose (in a good way). Another very moist cake with a silky smooth frosting; it might be a bit too sweet for some, nevertheless we definitely recommend you giving the Lotus Cake a shot.
Finally, another trend created by Ribbons and Balloons that has taken Dubai by storm is the concept of cakes in jars and one such creation is the Sinfully Nutella Jar. This jar is satisfyingly sinful. Layers of chocolate cake and Nutella infused buttercream are loaded into this jar topped with delicious chocolates which are our childhood favorites). Definitely not for the faint hearted and dangerously addictive, this jar is bound to make you go weak in the knees.
Ambience – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

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