Restaurant Review – BOCA

Other than the heavy price tags, restaurants in DIFC never seem to disappoint us. The competition in the area is pretty intense, and why wouldn’t it be? You’ve got some of the best restaurants in Dubai competing for the spotlight and one such restaurant that sets itself apart is BOCA.
BOCA is a Mediterranean influenced Deli cum restaurant that focuses on French, Italian and Spanish delicacies. The restaurant offers a sharing concept using the freshest ingredients and simple cooking techniques. Their focus on flavor and products used is what elevates the quality of food served at BOCA.
The menu is divided to three distinctive sections – BOCA Deli which includes a section of tapas and cold cuts, BOCA Orginals which includes the classics of the Mediterranean and BOCA Market that includes food prepared with ingredients that are hand selected by chefs in the markets of Deira and Shindaga.
For our tasting, we decided to sample food from all three sections.
To begin with we ordered two mocktails, Miss Lauren with raspberries, yuzu and house ginger ale was very refreshing, tangy and perfectly balanced. We also had the Thai Baby Coconut which is beautifully presented in a coconut shell and tasted fresh and sweet. Definitely a favorite!
We then moved on to sampling the food from the menu. We started off with Truffle Burrata Cheese with peas, broad beans and Zucchini flower Bruschetta. Truffle and burrata are two of our most favorite ingredients, and to combine them both together is what we would like to call – genius! The Zucchini flower bruschetta was a bit soggy and we felt it unnecessary on the plate.
A favorite at the table was the Black Rice and Seared Scallops with bottarga and aromatic clams. The color of the “black” rice is due to the squid ink, that not only protrudes a beautiful color but also adds a very distinct flavor. The scallops were seared to perfection and the clams added a nice delicate flavor to the dish.
You can’t go to BOCA and not relish their Lobster Rolls with summer coleslaw, fritto misto and lemon aioli. These taste better than they look. The lobster was delicately cooked and the aioli sauce drenched the bun making it super moist and flavorful.
The Grilled Tiger Prawns with garlic and chilli oil was another simple and comforting dish that ticked all the boxes for us. We loved how the quality of the prawns use was premium and cooked just right. The hint of chilli too elevated the flavor of the dish.
Another beautifully presented dish was the Grilled Octopus and Air Dried Beef with potato salad, warm tomato and olive oil dressing. Not the best octopus we’ve had but definitely delicious. We liked the combination of the air dried beef with the octopus and found it to be texturally pleasurable.
The Roasted Duck Breast with sweet potato puree and spicy harissa sauce was a bit of a let down for us. The dish was visually appealing however we didn’t find balance in flavor. The dish was overly sweet and didn’t complement the duck (that was cooked pretty well) enough.
To end our Mediterranean adventure for dessert we had the Ashanti Chocolate with Verbena, Fig and Orange Blossom Honey. We loved the richness of this dessert and the glossiness of the ganache. The texture of the mousse was perfect as well.
We also had the Mascarpone Creme Brulee with Raspberry Compote and Tonka Beans. Loved the presentation and sugar work of this dish. The brûlée had the perfect consistency and the berries went perfectly well with it.
The Bill:
Truffle Burrata Cheese – Dhs95
Black Rice and Seared Scallops – Dhs80
Lobster Rolls – Dhs125
Grilled Tiger Prawns – Dhs75
Grilled Octopus and Air Dried Beef – Dhs90
Roasted Duck Breast – Dhs85
Ashanti Chocolate – Dhs45
Mascarpone Creme Brulee – Dhs40

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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