Restaurant Review – Eat Greek

Mall of the Emirates has all of a sudden become the new dining hotspot in Dubai thanks to the new extension. Luckily for us, the main focus of the extension is on food and to our surprise we found ourselves seated at yet another delightful restaurant that had been newly launched – Eat Greek.
You could figure out from the name itself that what sets this restaurant apart from the others located at the extension is the cuisine itself. Authentic grecian food served in simplistic and wholesome quantities is what you’ll expect at Eat Greek.
The decor itself makes you forget the fact that you’re sitting in a mall with its earthy tones and urban interiors. The service too, may we add, was quiet impressive with our server being very attentive to our needs and continuously checking on us to see if we’re okay.

We began our Greek food adventure by savoring some of Eat Greek’s Cold appetizers brought to our table. The Tzatziki which is a dip made of yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs went perfectly well with freshly baked bread.
The “Spicy Feta Cheese” which is a dip made with feta cheese puree with fresh red chili and paprika was another flavorful dip that had a good amount of heat to it.
Another unique dip which we found to be rather interesting was the Tarama which is a creamy fish paste with an essence of anchovy. The hint of fish was definitely bold, but not overbearing making it quite pleasant to eat.
We then moved on to the hot appetizers section of the menu. We began with the Baked Feta Cheese with tomato, pepper and olive oil. Definitely a unique appetizer and a must try since we loved how the outer layer was thin and perfectly crispy while the inside was perfectly gooey. Although its not recommended for the health and fitness freaks, this dish definitely could pass as one of your “cheat meals”.
Yet another unique dish sampled at Eat Greek was the Kadaifi Jumbo Prawns which are jumbo prawns wrapped in kadaifi filo and fried. It is served with a drizzle of strawberry dressing and fruity ratatouille adding a very quirky flair to the dish as a whole. We found the sweetness to be a bit overpowering, and felt the dish could be balanced with a bit more heat.
The last dish of the hot appetizers we sampled was the “Soutzoukakia A La Grecque” which is spicy beef and lamb meatballs in a traditional tomato sauce. The meatballs were absolutely tender and the gravy had alot of spice and flavor, adding depth to meatballs.
We obviously couldn’t leave Eat Greek without sampling a delicacy of the Grecian cuisine – The Moussaka! which is layers of potato, eggplant, minced meat and béchamel sauce. Although this dish was a bit heavy handed with the potatoes, we still loved the flavors nevertheless and swiped our plates clean. The eggplant was cooked until completely soft and added a nice texture to the moussaka.
The last of our mains was the Kleftiko Roast Lamb slow cooked lamb shank and vegetables , served in an open pan. We loved the presentation and quantity served of this dish. The meat having been cooked for hours was tender and fell off the bone, however the flavors did not wow us. We definitely preferred the Moussaka over the lamb shank.
Finally, for dessert we were presented with a sampling platter of some delectable desserts served in eat greek which include – Tiramisu, Galaktoboureko which is a milk custard pie and Yoghurt pannacotta.
Although the desserts tasted pleasant, we didn’t enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the Nutella Spartan Milkshake that we devoured along with our desserts. The milkshake is served with a Nutella stuffed doughnut on top that got us crying for joy and weak in the knees. Definitely the best and most innovative milkshake we’ve had till date. If not for anything else, we’re definitely coming back for the Nutella Spartan!
The Bill:
Baked Feta Cheese – Dhs65
Kadaifi Jumbo Prawns – Dhs75
Soutzoukakia A La Grecque – Dhs45
Moussaka – Dhs115
Kleftiko Roast Lamb – Dhs135
Nutella Spartan Milkshake – Dhs30

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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