Restaurant Review – Forty Four Bistro & Lounge

Our quest for simple French cooking ends here, at Forty Four Bistro & Lounge located at the Warwick Hotel. As you can figure by the name itself, this restaurant is located on the forty fourth floor of the hotel, surrounded by glass enabling one to glance through the entire view of Dubai. Not only is Forty Four enormously spacious, but the attention to creating a relaxed and calm vibe is met too, making it perfect for a casual night out filled with good drinks and food.
What sets Forty Four apart from the rest is the fact that they’re not inclined towards the aesthetic appeal of their dishes. They’re that confident with how good their food tastes; they believe that the flavors should do all the talking.
Another quality about Forty Four that captivated us is the fact that everything in their kitchen is homemade and fresh, which explains why they produce such mouth watering dishes. The menu itself looked very vast and interesting, making us wish we could try everything on it (if only our appetites were that of a football team).
For starters, we samples the Croquettes Aux Crevettes Grises De La Mer Du Nord which is delicious grey shrimp croquettes from the Nord Sea. The Croquettes were moist on the inside, making it melt in your mouth and the crunch on the outside had the perfect texture. We also loved the strong hint of shrimp shining through the croquette making it taste very flavorful.
We also had the Foie Gras De Ganard Au Torchon Recette Maison which is homemade poached duck liver with toasted brioche. Foie Gras has been a WhereMyFoodAt popular dish for months now. We can never get tired of the silky smooth texture and consistency of the dish and Forty Four managed to master it very well.
Another dish that is simple in presentation yet bold in flavors. For our third appetizer we decided to go for the Coquilles St Jacques Au Beurre Blanc which is Scallops in a white butter sauce. The scallops were delicately cooked and drenched generously in the butter sauce. The flavor of the sauce was light and elevated the taste of the scallops.
For mains, we were lucky enough to have an exclusive preparation of Sole Fish that had been caught fresh the same day. The quality of the fish is premium, which explains the simplicity of the cooking technique used to prepare this dish. The fish was simply pan fried in a butter sauce and served at our table. Needless to say that the flavor and texture was flawless, making us devour the entire fish clean.
Another main we sampled was a French classic of Bouef Bourguignon also known as Braised Beef Bourguignon. This dish definitely blew our minds. Right from the quality of beef used, to the tenderness of how the beef was cooked, to the flavors that comprised the sauce, everything was spot on. The beef was braised long enough to melt in our mouths and leave that delicious after taste of the sauce. A very warm and hearty dish indeed that just could not make us stop devouring the dish.
Finally, for dessert we had the classic French dessert of Creme Brûlée. It was not too runny nor too set, making the consistency absolutely creamy and smooth.
We also had the Bol De Mousse Au Chocolat Des Alpes which is a bowl of chocolate mousse served with whipped cream. This has got to be the best among the two desserts we’ve tried. The mousse is served to you spoonful after spoonful in giant bowls along with the cream. What we loved about this thick and airy mousse is that it’s unlimited, and the lightness of the mousse makes you go for seconds (and thirds).
The Bill:
Foie Gras de Canard au Torchon recette maison – Dhs85
Croquettes aux crevettes grises de la mer du Nord – Dhs75
Coquilles St Jacques au Beurre Blanc – Dhs95
Boeuf Bourguinon – Dhs170
Crème Brulee vanilla de Tahiti – Dhs44
Bol de Mousse au Chocolate des Alpes – Dhs44

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value – 3.5/5

4 - New

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