Restaurant Review – House Of Curry

You can always count on House of Curry if you’re craving deliciously rich Indian feast whilst surrounded by a royal Mogul ambience. This is what sets House of Curry apart from any other Indian restaurant we’ve been to. They’ve got the whole package – flavorsome food, ethnic settings and friendly service.
A few weeks back we paid a visit to House of Curry located at the beach mall. As we mentioned earlier, we loved the “desi” vibe set by this place, but we also enjoyed the bonus view of the beautiful beach as well, which added to our enjoyable experience.
To begin our tasting, we started off by ordered Fresh Coconut water right out of a fresh coconut that had been chilled for 24 hours which tasted absolutely refreshing.
From the grills, we ordered the Tandoori Prawns with is a specialty from “Amritsar”. These prawns were marinated perfectly, and cooked just right. The quality of prawns used was premium, and the portion was generous as well. Definitely our favorite starter!
We then tried a very popular kebab choice, Mutton Seekh Kebab which is minced up mutton and Indian spices cooked on a grill. We loved how the kebabs were spicy, and melted in our mouths as we bit into them.
Our third option from the grills were the Tandoori Lamb Chops which were lamb chops marinated in dry spices and grilled over charcoal. Our server swore by this dish, telling us that it is very popular at House of Curry and always a favorite. Well, he was right. We couldn’t help but lick the bone clean. The flavors were spot on and the lamb was cooked medium, just how we like it.
With an overwhelming spread of grills and kebabs, it was then time for mains. We had already prepared ourselves for a feast, and the mains absolutely did not disappoint.
To begin with, we had the Prawns in Green Curry. The uniqueness of the green paste used in this curry is what stands out and makes your mouth burst with flavor. This curry is perfect if you’re looking for something that isn’t too heavy or rich and spice levels that are easy on the palette as well.
Our second main was their signature Butter Chicken. This curry is definitely a safer choice if you’re looking for a dish that is going to please all sorts of taste buds. It is deliciously rich but not too creamy, and the chicken was succulent. No wonder it’s such a crowd pleaser.
We also sampled the Mughlai Chicken which is another signature at House of Curry. Compared to the butter chicken, the Mughlai chicken was more spicy (in a good way) but equally rich and satisfying. We loved how the curry wasn’t overtly greasy as well.
Since we wanted to sample a vegetarian delicacy as well, we opted for the Palak Paneer which is cottage cheese cubes immersed in aromatic spinach based gravy. The paneer was fresh, moist and tender, and the taste of spinach was very prominent.

To accompany our mains, we also opted for a Chicken Biryani which comprised of flavorsome rice combined with marinated chicken and lots of spices. The aroma of the biryani itself was therapeutic, and the taste was equally pleasurable. Not only does it pose as a perfect accompaniment, but it can also be devoured on its own as well.
For our final round of sampling, it had to be done on a sweet note. We tried the Gulab Jamun, which are deep fried soft dumplings with a hint of cardamom served warm with a saffron infused syrup. Absolutely delicious!
We also tried the Gajar Ka Halwa which is a warm rich dessert pudding made from shredded carrots, nuts and raisins. We loved how this dessert wasn’t too sweet and the addition of nuts added to the texture, making us savor spoonful after spoonful.
For our final dessert, we had an assortment hand churned Ice Cream. We tried the Rose, Chilli, Mukwas (mouth freshener), coconut and nuts flavors. However our favorite had to be the chili ice cream since it was unique and had an amazing kick to it.
The Bill:
Tandoori Prawns – Dhs120
Mutton Seekh Kebab – Dhs50
Tandoori Lamb Chops – Dhs60
Prawns in Green Curry – Dhs70
Butter Chicken – Dhs65
Mughlai Chicken – Dhs65
Palak Paneer – Dhs40
Chicken Biryani – Dhs60
Gulab Jamun – Dhs35
Gajar Ka Halwa – Dhs40
Ice Cream – Dhs30

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

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