Restaurant Review – Nosh, Movenpick JLT

You can safely say by now that we are MAJOR Christmas Junkies and which is partly the reason why we couldn’t miss the Festive Menu preview at Nosh located at Movenpick JLT.
On our arrival, we were greeted in the most sweetest way by a very melodious choir of little girls singing carols and bringing in the festive spirit.
We were also lucky to have a guest appearance by Santa himself, dancing away as the little girls sang! Definitely lifted up the Festive Vibe and got us in the christmas mood.
Once we were done with an amazing welcome, we headed to Nosh for a preview of their Festive Buffet. What we loved about this spread was that the dessert section was right in front, captivating you into the buffet and definitely seemed to a favorite among the kids.
The buffet, like any other, is divided into different sections. There was the salad section that served a huge array of salads – some that are regulars in almost all salad counters, while there were some that stood out like the goats cheese mousse with beetroot and caramelized walnuts which was our favorite.
There was also a giant Sushi Boat that served an extensive selection of sushis to devour.
Our favorite section however had to be the Roast Section where we enjoyed the Roast Turkey in particular. It comes with stuffing, all the trimmings and a silky smooth gravy which tasted so perfect, you’d want to go for seconds. There are also Indian and Asian counters to satisfy all sorts of palettes, and a cheese section to end your meal with.
However, the best part of the buffet definitely had to be the dessert section. We loved the festive desserts such as the Christmas Pudding with custard, the Festive Yule Log and the warm Apple Crumble. To add to the spread, there was also a white and milk chocolate fountain and a candy floss (Yes, CANDY FLOSS) station that seemed to be the most popular attraction in the buffet.
The Bill:
Festive Buffet – Dhs190 per person

Food – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambience – 4/5
Value – 4/5

3_5 - New

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