Restaurant Review – The Eloquent Elephant

Its the most wonderful time of the year, because honestly, the entire year is just a countdown to December. Being in a very festive mood as we approach Christmas, it’s no wonder we jump at opportunities to celebrate this joyous season. One such opportunity did arise when we were invited to the Media Preview of the Christmas Menu at Eloquent Elephant; the theme being “A Very Eloquent Christmas Dinner”
The interiors and decor of Eloquent Elephant is nothing like the ordinary, with yellow bulbs adorning and illuminating the entire restaurant. Of course for us we had a special section reserved for us decorated with scrolls and mini Christmas trees, definitely setting off the Christmas vibe.
The menu was definitely traditional, which we relieved about and couldn’t wait to tuck in. To begin with, for appetizers, we started off with Foie Gras Ballotine with Fig Chutney. We loved the presentation of this dish. The combination of foie gras, fig chutney and toasted bread is a classic favorite. The texture of the foie gras was perfect with its creamy consistency and the portion was pretty generous too.
Our second appetizer was Smoked Salmon with toasted rye. Another beautifully presented dish, served with horseradish and wasabi that added depth to the flavor of the salmon. A very light appetizer as opposed to the Foie Gras, however the Foie Gras is definitely the winner.
For mains we had the Roast Turkey Roulade with trimmings. Our turkey was juicy and cooked until tender. The gravy had a lot of depth and the trimmings were perfectly al dente. A very simple, classic, delicious dish with a twist.
We also had the Wild Sea bass with Lobster truffle mash and thermidor glaze. The sea bass was tender and complemented the glaze perfectly. We loved how the addition of truffle was strong yet not to overpowering. It definitely lifted up the flavor of the mash.
Finally for dessert we had the “Not so Eloquent mushed mince pie Sundae” which is a play on the traditional minced pie. This dessert was served in a mason jar, layered with crushed up minced pies, ice cream and whipped cream. The whipped cream lightened the dessert up and went perfectly with the pie filling. Absolutely delicious, this dessert can easily be devoured by one individual alone.
Ambience – 4/5
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – N/A

4 - New

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