Restaurant Review – Tikka Cafe

Located at the Double Tree by Hilton Al Barsha lies a very cozy and quiet quirky Indian restaurant by the name of Tikka Cafe. With bright orange and purple interiors lighting up the room, this restaurant is definitely a mood lifter. We love the Indian touch to all the decor at Tikka Cafe, something we feel all Indian restaurants should proudly boast.
The service too was very welcoming, with our server inviting us in with a bright smile and at our beck and call whenever we needed any assistance. To begin with we were presented with a welcome drink of “Lassi Shots”. Lassi is a sweetened yoghurt drink that is an absolute favorite among all other traditional drinks. We loved the “shots” version of it; very creative and not heavy on the tummy.
We begin our tasting session with an item on the menu that caught our attention in a glance and we just couldn’t say no – the Tandoori Meat Platter. This platter that is suitable for four people as a starter serves a selected of kebabs – melting chicken malai kebabs, chicken tikka, mutton seekh kebab and boti kebab. Our favorite definitely had to be the chicken malai kebab since it was absolutely tender and soft due to the marination in yoghurt. We also liked how in spite of the kebabs being marinated yoghurt, it not taste bland rather full of flavor and spice. The mutton seekh kebab however was rather disappointing since we found the mutton to be overcooked and rubbery. We also enjoyed the chicken tikka kebab which was perfectly cooked and spicy.
Among the mains we tried the Chicken Tikka Masala cooked with onion-tomato masala and garnished with fresh coriander. We loved the amount of spice in this gravy and the generous portion of chicken incorporated into it; tastes delicious with roti/bread or rice. We also had the Jinga Masala which is a spicy Indian gravy made using prawns. The prawns were cooked perfectly and again, we loved the generous portions. However, we found the gravy to be a bit too oily for our liking and felt that the gravy could do without it.
Along with our gravies we opted for Indian breads like Mesi Roti made with wheat flour and gram powder, Tandoori Roti which is a classic Indian bread cooked in a fire pot and Garlic Naan which is refined flour bread with garlic. All these are made to order and went perfectly with the gravy.

To end our tasting we tried a couple of traditional Indian desserts that are our favorites! We started off with Rasmalai which is cottage cheese dumplings with milk, saffron and dry fruits. Loved the sweetness and soft texture of this dessert and the addition of saffron elevated the richness of this dessert. We also had the Shahi Thukra which is fried bread cooked with rich milk and saffron sauce. The fried bread adds to the crispiness of this dish and gives us that unique texture making it a very simple and pleasurable dessert.
The Bill:
Tandoori Meat Platter – Dhs128
Chicken Tikka Masala – Dhs62
Jinga Masala – Dhs84
Mesi Roti – Dhs9
Tandoori Roti – Dh8
Rasmalai – Dhs31
Shahi Thukra – Dhs31

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 3/5

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