Bakery Review – Maward Patisserie

Maward Patisserie located at Uptown Mirdiff is another hidden gem that we were extremely fascinated to find. Owned by the very kind and passionate Zaina Maward, this patisserie is truly a reflection of her passion – baking. When we got the chance to interview Zeina and learn more about Maward, we realized how much she wanted to introduce, or rather bring back, the phenomenon of Lebanese baked delicacies; and she does it oh so beautifully.
As soon as you step into Maward you are overwhelmed with a variety of baked goods, local sweets and pastries that are displayed delicately at the front. Having said that Maward is known for its Middle Eastern delectable sweets, another item on the menu that has grabbed the attention of the whole city is the No. 8 Shake. This shake, which we can vouch for, is like no other in Dubai, is worth every penny. Mind you, Zeina believes in creativity, which is why no two shakes look alike. The only thing mutual among all her No. 8 Shakes are the fact that the portions are ginormously huge and look sinfully good. Zeina was kind enough to prepare the shake for us ours which consisted of scoops of vanilla and chocolate icecream stuffed with chopped up m n ms and maltesers and smothered with caramel and chocolate sauce (a lot of it). We loved the presentation of the shake too, that was served in a jar that looked like it was about to explode, and adorned with pretzels all over. Just thinking about this shake makes us want to cry and run back to Maward Patisserie to try it again. (PS: Go on an empty stomach if you truly want to relish this)
We also tried the Knefeh Cheese Pistachio with Zeina’s twist of having them stacked on one another and then pouring sweet rose sugar syrup all over- delicious! Knefeh is a Leventine cheese pastry that is popular in the Middle Eastern region. Made with butter, semolina, cream cheese and pistachios, this dish is a humble favorite and with Zeina’s modern twist on it, makes us love it even more.
We also tried the Madlouaa, which is a must try if you love pistachio. This Middle Eastern dessert with layers of pistachio and clotted cream is another dessert that made us go weak in the knees. The strong hint of pistachios along with its texture went perfectly well with the clotted cream. It was also elegantly presented too, making it all the more appetizing.
Next, we tried another creation of Maward Patisserie which is the Cupcake Maamoul Maad Nutella. A maamoul is another Levantine delicacy that is a pistachio filled pastry or cookie. The pastry is supposed to melt in your mouth and you are left with the perfect texture of pistachio (you also get maamouls filled with dates and walnuts as well). Zeina has created her own version of this treat, calling it the “Cupcake Maamoul” filled with Nutella. It’s obvious now that any dessert filled with nutella is going to taste brilliant.
Zeina was kind enough to also take us into her kitchen and let us explore how her desserts are created. We were blown away by the display of baklava, maamoul, Arabic cookies and Loukoumandes (deep fried yeast-risen dough puffs). They all looked and tasted delicious and we were highly indebted to Zeina for helping us explore the culture of Lebanese sweets a bit more.
The Bill:
No. 8 Shake – Dhs35
Knefeh – Dhs25
Madlouaa – Dhs25
Cupcake Maamoul Maad Nutella – Dhs35

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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