Event: Relaunch Of Al Boom Village

Our quest for traditional, classic and simple Emirati food ends at Zaman Awal located at the newly refurbished Al Boom Village.
To celebrate the relaunch of this heritage landscape, we were invited to a tour of the newly redecorated village where we got to take in the breathtaking view of the sea and marine culture of Dubai.
Once we were done exploring the beautiful location (which took a while) we were then escorted to the restaurant where a lavishly set buffet adorned with Emirati delicacies was set before our eyes.
Packed with flavor and aroma, each item on the menu had its own charm. And although many of the dishes were rice based, the texture, color and taste differed from each other.
Like the chicken biryani for instance – with its perfectly cooked rice and chicken soo moist, it makes you crave for more. We sure did, which explains why we went for a second helping. We’re definitely not going to think twice the next time we crave Arabic cuisine.

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