Restaurant Review – Brasserie Quartier

Finally a place, or to be more precise — a hotel, that has graciously set itself apart from the rest in the city. The St. Regis Hotel that has recently opened its doors in Dubai, has single handedly conquered the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to get a sneak previous of the hotel and its restaurants (both of us being among the lucky few). We’ve been to a lot of hotels in our 23 years of in Dubai, but it is safe to say that as of now, St. Regis is without a doubt the most sophisticated, mesmerizing and distinctive hotel that we’ve ever seen.
From the moment you drive through the beautifully adorned pathway leading to the hotel till you step foot into the larger than life high-rise lobby, the entire experience makes you feel like you’re stepping into a palace; makes you feel like royalty. In our entire blogging journey, it is very rare for us to rave about a hotel (we mostly go straight away into reviewing the restaurant) but once you decide to explore St. Regis Dubai for yourself, you will finally know what the fuss is all about.
So it was obvious that our first impression was a pretty remarkable one and this was set before we could even step foot into the charming restaurant that goes by the name of Brasserie Quartier.
Brasserie Quartier is a French inspired restaurant that with its superior quality ingredients and dishes lets the food do the talking for itself. During our visit, we got a preview of the Friday Bubbly Brunch where we got to savor some classic and humble French cooking with a fine dining twist.
But before we get to the food, a moment needs to be taken to appreciate the elegance and refinement of BQ itself. We were in awe of how expansive and well-set the restaurant was. The soft grey marble tiles, warm color tones and large paneled windows enabling natural light to shine through abundantly gave the restaurant a very positive and blissful vibe, As we sat at our table, enjoying the band playing some of our classic favorites and observing how the restaurant’s buzzing (only a couple of weeks after its launch) we knew instantly that BQ had a charm of its own that is bound to bring us back countless times.
The concept of the brunch is laidback — there are entrées and mains that are brought to our table, and at the same time there are a few live stations that are located near the kitchen like the Cheese Station that displays some of the best cheese selections we’ve seen, The Foie Gras Station where we got to sample types of Foie Gras that were a first for many at the table and the seafood station that displayed fresh and vibrant looking lobsters, mussels, shrimps.
On our table, we were presented with an assortment of French delicacies and entrées. Among them, our favorite and most popular among the table too had to be the Stuffed Snails which most of us ended up asking seconds for.
We were also savoring the delicious platter of fresh seafood mounted on ice. The oysters were what we enjoyed in particular and the lobster was perfectly cooked as well.
We loved how our mains were brought to us in trolleys topped with generous portions of steak and chicken served with side of truffle mashed potatoes, parmesan crusted cauliflower, vegetables and a reduction jus.
The steak was juicy and tender and the chicken was absolutely flavorful. The truffle mash accompanied both, the steak and the chicken perfectly and we ate until our plates were swiped clean.
Just before we could spoil ourselves with dessert, we were treated to something unique and amazing, a sorbet station like no other. We were treated to a serving of prosecco with a dollop of sorbet! It was just absolutely perfect and soothed our palates.
Next, was without a doubt the best part of our meal and definitely the best selection of desserts we’ve ever seen in a buffet. Normally, we’ve noticed that most buffets or brunches do not focus on desserts as much as they do with the rest of the courses. However, at BQ the dessert selection absolutely blew our minds away.
Imagine a pastry shop filled with desserts and cakes where you could devour anything you see. Well, that was what we got to experience at the dessert section that was actually a Dessert Cafe that devotes itself every Friday to BQ during brunch.
From a three way chocolate fountain that pours milk, white and dark chocolate, to delicately hand crafted cakes beautifully displayed and looked too good to cut into, and a selection of mini desserts that makes your mind boggle, this definitely is the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory at Dubai!
It would be unfair to pick a favorite, since they all were unbelievably equally delicious. The Lemon Tart was one of the best we’ve had.

Pricing: (Per Person)
– AED 450, Soft Drinks
– AED 550, Free-flow of House Beverages
– AED 650, Free-flow of House Beverages & Bollinger Champagne

Ambience – 5/5
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value – 4/5

4_5 - New(New)

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