Restaurant Review – Cucina Mia Ristorante

Located right in the middle of the picturesque JBR, knows for sure how to master the art of Italian cooking. From the moment you seat yourself at the beautiful outdoor seating area, you are transported to Italy where it feels like you’re in a little bistro right off Trevi fountain.
It was not just the vibe however that captivated us. What we appreciated about Mia Cucina’s food was the fact that less attention was put into aesthetic appeal, and more on flavor and taste; which is exactly how Italian food should be savored. Luckily for us we got an opportunity to speak to head chef himself, who poured his heart out about his passion for cooking and his vision of bringing the culture of true Italian fuss-free food to Dubai.

We were more than thrilled to try out the dishes that he specially prepared for us, since a part of us knew that we’d be eating Italian food like no other. We started off with a variety of starters which included:

– Caprese Di Bufala which is a salad comprising of buffalo mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil. The ingredients in most of the dishes prepared at Mia Cucina are imported from Italy. It was very evident in this salad as well, since a simple salad of basic ingredients tasted absolutely delicious. The quality of mozzarella used was premium and the cherry tomatoes were the sweetest we’ve ever had. A very healthy and light start to our meal indeed.
– Cocktail Di Gamberi which is a fresh salad with shrimps in cocktail sauce. In this salad, we loved the generosity when it came to the portion of shrimp used. The cocktail sauce was homemade and perfectly coated the shrimp as well.
– Parmigiana Di Melanzane which is eggplant layered with tomato sauce, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella and basil. We consider this a vegetarian and healthy version of a lasagne. The eggplant was cooked beautifully and the layers were well defined. An overall very texturally pleasing dish
– Bruschetta Pomodoro which is bruschetta bread topped with cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano and onion. A classic at any Italian restaurant, how Mia Cucina does it brilliantly due to the sweet imported cherry tomatoes used. This just goes to show how good quality ingredients go a long way.
– Arancina Di Riso which is a big deep fried rice ball filled with mozzarella and turkey ham was a first for us. We haven’t heard of this dish before, but couldn’t wait to try it since it looked so appetizing. The outer crust was perfectly crunchy however we wished there a little less rice and bit more of the turkey and cheese filling.
– Finally, we also tried the Crocchette Di Patate which is breaded deep fried mash potato croquettes. The potato filling was perfectly smooth and soft and the texture of the outer layer was crunchy. A clever contrast in texture that was pleasantly enjoyable.

With a beautiful and absolutely satisfying display of starters, we couldn’t imagine moving on to the mains. However, saying no to food has never been in our caliber, so we boldly moved on to mains.

For mains we decided to opt for the classic Lasagna with Bolognese and béchamel sauce. According to the chef, a pasta dish in Italy is not intended to be soaked with sauce; rather it should adequately coat the pasta to add right about of flavor. When we tucked into the lasagna, we were amazed to see how defined each layer was and how delicately the layers were sauced. As we expected, the flavor of the Bolognese along with the béchamel sauce married perfectly together making the lasagna not only taste addictive but turn out to be surprisingly light too.
It would be a sin to have left Mia Cucina without trying their “Pizza by the Meter”, so inspite of us being stuffed to the brim; we went ahead and ordered a 50cm pizza. We had an option of choosing two types of topping over one 50cm pizza, so we went for the Diavola which consists of tomato sauce with buffalo mozzarella cheese and spicy beef salami. For our second topping we opted for the Neapolitana with Chicken. Both the toppings were delicious, but what stood out for us was the crust itself that tasted incredibly soft and fresh.
To end our delicious Italian feast, we had the Tiramisu for dessert that could easily be the best Tiramisu available in Dubai. A Tiramisu is basically coffee flavored Italian dessert that is made of lady finger’s dipped in coffee, and layered with a mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone. The cream along with the hint of coffee was fireworks in our mouths. Shockingly (or maybe not) we completely devoured this dessert in seconds

DSC_8481The Bill:
Caprese Di Bufala – Dhs58
Cocktail Di Gamberi – Dhs52
Bruschetta Pomodoro – Dhs40
Arancina Di Riso – Dhs10
Crocchette Di Patate – Dhs25
Parmigiana Di Melanzane – Dhs52
Lasagna – Dhs72
Pizza – Dhs110
Tiramisu – Dhs35

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Value – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5

3_5 - New

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