Restaurant Review – Garden

We decided to kickstart 2016 with our first post of the year on a restaurant that is definitely worth the hype. If your new years resolution would be to experience a restaurant that distinguishes itself brilliantly from the rest in Dubai, then we have an excellent recommendation for you.
Garden located at the J W Marquis Hotel is a Peruvian based restaurant that is divided into three sections. The first section goes by the restaurant name itself – “Garden” which is the dining area. Aptly named, the “Garden” is adorned with greenery all over and subtle lighting with blue hues. The second section called the “Park” is a lounge area that is located at the outdoors decorated with cute benches, street lamps and grass on the floor to give you the feel of actually being in a park. And finally, the third section is a club that operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays called the Square.
For our tasting, we sat down at the dining area to try out some authentic Peruvian food. We also had the pleasure of meeting the head chef who personally cooked some of Garden’s popular and signature dishes for us to try.
We started of with a Classico Ceviche which is corvina, leche de tigre (known as Tigers milk), red onion, chulpi corn, sweet potato tempura. We loved the sourness of the “Tiger milk” and the flavor of this dish. Very clean and light.
We also had the Papitas Rellenas potato filled with juicy minced beef tenderloin in a peruvian style which we would like to consider – Peruvian comfort food. The filling on beef was generous and cooked perfectly with a light outer crunch.
Next, we sampled the Carpassion Tiradito which consists of salmon, passionfruit reduction and fried leeks. A beautifully presented dish that had been carefully crafted to give it a nice textural play. We loved the addition of fried leeks as well.
A very unique concept that we’ve never tried before was the “Quinotto” which is a risotto made out of quinoa! creamy quinoa, green asparagus, mix of mushrooms, parmesan cheese and black truffle were a perfect combination and helped the dish not only taste flavorful and creamy but healthy too.
Another favorite was the Lomo Saltado which is Stir fried beef with soy sauce and red vinegar, criollo potato and quail egg. We loved the way the beef was cooked until tender and the quail egg posed as the perfect sauce for the beef. A very wholesome and delightful dish indeed.
We also tried the Patagonian Toothfish Escabechado which is a Glacier 51 toothfish with escabeche sauce and white miso paste. The fish was cooked until flaky perfection however we found the sauce to be a bit more on sweeter side.
Finally, to end our meal we went for the Chocolate Fondant with purple corn ice-cream for dessert. Purple corn is a rare ingredient grown in Peru that gives a natural purple tinge (like food coloring). We loved the flavor of the icecream and felt it added a nice Peruvian touch to the fondant.
We also had the Tres Leches which creamy sponge cake, tres leche sauce (sauce made out of three milks) and yoghurt ice cream. We loved how light this dessert tasted (although it sounded heavy) and loved how it was overtly sweet as well.
The Bill:
Classico Ceviche – Dhs55
Papitas Rellenas – Dhs45
Carpassion Tiradito – Dhs65
Quinotto – Dhs45
Lomo Saltado – Dhs95
Patagonian Toothfish Escabechado – Dhs115
Chocolate Fondant – Dhs50
Tres Leches – Dhs40

Ambience – 4.5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

4 - New

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