Restaurant Review – La Tablita

At the new Hyatt Regency Hotel lies a restaurant that boasts its authenticity of cooking classic Mexican delicacies. But does La Tablita truly practice what it preaches of genuine Mexican food? We at WhereMyFoodAt went down to La Tablita to decide for ourselves.
Being devoted fans of Mexican food, and dining at quite a few Mexican restaurants that claim to be “authentic”, one thing for sure is that La Tablita definitely knows its way around ticking all the boxes when it comes to Mexican cooking.
But on the other hand, is authenticity all that counts when rating a restaurant? Not for us atleast. We were surprised to look around and find La Tablita buzzing (on a weekday) with only a few empty tables around. Also, it is worth mentioning that La Tablita’s ambience is creatively set up to make you feel warm and welcome. However, when it came to food, we felt like two concepts of “fine dining” and “street food” were trying to be merged; a combination that didn’t necessarily convince us since we are left with small portions for a heavy price. Mind you, the food is definitely of premium quality and presentation which could explain the high prices, however we felt that La Tablita seems to be more of an occasional (or maybe celebratory) visit for those looking for a good Mexican meal in a fine dining set up.
We met up with executive chef Carlos Hannon, who decided to hand craft a special meal from the menu for us. It was pretty obvious that the chef fancied textures and colors, since it was evident in his dishes. We were presented first with “Guacamole Con Chorizo Y Granada” which is a play on the traditional guacamole. The guacamole on its own was of a pleasant consistency and taste and the addition of crispy confit duck and serrano chilli amped up the textures and flavors too. The guacamole wasn’t the best we’ve had, but the duck did add uniqueness to the dish, which we enjoyed.
Another interesting dish that comes with a very unique presentation is the “Con Champis” which is fried balls of melted cheese with mushroom. The cheese added depth to the dish and the mushrooms added a nice earthy flavor. The dish however could do with a little less salt and a bit more heat (spice).
We also tried the Camaron Prawns which were tenderly cooked prawns served with coconut milk. Loved the mild yet slightly acidic flavor of the dish, that isn’t loud in flavor ultimately letting the flavor of the prawn shine through.
We also had the “Rosarito” which is Mexican for Lobster Tacos! A bit of an extravagant dish that boasts good quality, texture and flavor of the lobster. However, for four mini tacos, we find this dish overtly priced.
For our final savory dish and best of them all, we had the “Veracruzana” which is a flaky sea bass fillet served with tomato salsa and mexican rice. This dish ticks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect Mexican main dish. The fish is perfectly cooked and the flavors of the salsa and rice complement each other pretty well. Definitely a must try if you plan on visiting La Tablita.
Lastly, for dessert we tried the Tres Leche which is a dessert cooked with three milks. Among all the Tres Leche’s we’ve had, this may not be the best, however we loved the subtle sweetness and airiness of this dessert.
We also tried the fried Churros with “grandma’s chocolate sauce”. We’d have to give it to La Tablita for this – best churros we’ve had till date. Slightly crispy on the outside and perfectly coated with sugar and cinnamon, these churros left us wanting more.
The Bill:
Guacamole Con Chorizo Y Granada – Dhs60
Con Champis – Dhs40
Camaron Prawns – Dhs55
Rosarito – Dhs120
Veracruzana – Dhs89
Tres Leche – Dhs30
Churros – Dhs25

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Value – 2.5/5

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