Restaurant Review – Patiala

At Patiala, we sampled the “Tasting Menu” that offers you tasting size portions of some of the best and most unique dishes that Patiala has to offer. We highly recommend this option, since you an enormous variety of Indian delicacies that not only leave you feel like you’ve eaten a baby elephant, but is also real value for your money. The menu is divided into four sections : starters, soup, main course and dessert.
Our first round, we started with six staggering starter dishes, that although small in quantity (thank god for that), but presented attentively and beautifully. The starters includes ;
– Grilled Canadian Scallops with bitter orange chutney, aam papad and sweet pea puree. A delightful way to begin our feast indeed, with perfectly seared scallops and silky smooth pea puree. The sweetness of the chutney was a clever contrast as well.
– Malai Prawns which are prawns tossed in butter, onion seeds and garlic served with Malai sauce. Another simple dish that has been executed perfectly. The prawns had that perfect marination that didn’t overpower the flavor of the prawn.
– Grilled Chilean Seabass cooked in kasundhi olive oil served with strawberry chutney and arugula mooli salad. This dish had mixed reviews at the table. For those who like their food sweet, this dish would be pleasurable for them. However we feel that the chef was a bit heavy handed with the amount of chutney served.
– Haleem Kebab which is slow cooked shredded meat in a kebab avatar, keeping the flavors of the classic haleem intact. The texture was perfectly soft as well.
– Grilled New Zealand Chops which is Madras Curry Powder marinated chops, sweet sticky aam papad sauce, avocado butter and micro greens. These chops were cooked soo perfectly, we almost ate the bone along with it.
– Kozhi Fry which is tender chicken with fennel, black pepper and curry leaf is fried in rice flour making it crisp on the outside yet juicy on the inside.
Four our next round, we were served a warm and soothing bowl of Murg Malai Shorba with marinated bocconcini and tomatoes. This creamy chicken soup that had been slow cooked, served with fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, was satisfying and simple. Loved how the soup was poured in our bowls at the table to add presentation.

We could barely move at this point, not realizing that we had main course left. However being our adventurous selves, we couldn’t resist the spread of mains that were brought together at the table.
The spread included;
– Achari Gosht which is a thick gravy of lamb shanks packed with a good flavor of pickles. This gravy has no pickle puree, turmeric or chilly powder, yet it is so flavorful. Ofcourse, the lamb was tender too.
– Dum Ka Murg which is a chicken curry cooked in sealed pots and lightly smoked.
– Murg Biryani which is chicken cooked with basmati and saffron. The aroma of the saffron and spices were definitely pleasing. The rice was flaky and perfectly cooked as well, and served as a perfect accompaniment with the gravies.
– Dal Makhani which is black lentils slow cooked with butter and tomatoes was another dish in the mains that was fuss free and tasted exactly like simple home cooking. And lastly,
– Palak Soya which is chopped spinach tossed with onions, garlic and soya leaves.

Although the dishes did taste good, it seemed impossible to swipe our plates clean. Moreover, we felt the starters had more uniqueness and character; hence we enjoyed it more than the mains. However, even though we could barely breathe, who could ever say no to dessert?
For dessert we were presented with two unique dishes;
– Bhapa Doi which is vanilla flavored steamed yoghurt. And,
– Mango lassi ice cream. Lassi is a sweetness yoghurt drink that is a favorite in most parts of India. We were happy to see an ice cream version of it, that tasted absolutely soothing and delicious.
The Bill: (Per Person)
Non-Veg Tasting Menu – Dhs295
Pair the menu with a glass of Prosecco followed by a glass of Red Wine for Dhs350

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3/5
Value – 4/5

3_5 - New

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