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When it comes to reviews, the restaurants we are most enthusiastic for are the ones with an inventive concept; something uncommon and idiosyncratic that cities like Dubai that is drowning with restaurants need.
We happened to discover one such “hidden gem” located on Jumeirah road (our favorite street for unique eateries) that goes by the name of Prax’s.

It’s not just the cozy, striking vibe that Prax’s portrays that attracts its customers, but the concept itself is something that would make you a regular (it made us). As soon as you enter Prax, you notice the bright, clean and spirited open kitchen that contains two giant woks with friendly chefs standing behind them ready to cook your order up.
Not only do you get delicious Asian food, but you also get to enjoy being charmed by the live cooking that goes on in front of you. Another advantage of this wox concept is that the food is served to you piping hot; just as we like it. Also, you get to play around with your ingredients and add or remove any ingredient you’d prefer to.

The menu at prax isn’t too elaborate or confusing, rather to the point. The appetizers, although not prepared in the wox, seemed tempting to try and so we did. We tried the chicken Sui mai, the papaya salad and the tom yum soup. The salad and soup is a pure vegetarian, and yet managed to taste really good. We like shrimp with our tom yum however didn’t feel its absence since the broth was that flavorful.

To get a bit Wox action, we ordered the Chilli Basil Beef from the mains which is a wox stir fry of snow peas, red onions, cabbage, green beans, spring onions and egg noodles. Served to us piping hot in classic Chinese takeout boxes, the quantity of this dish was generous and packed with a lot of flavor. The beef wasn’t chewy like we thought it would be (we expected it to be overcooked since the wok was extremely hot) and the egg noodles were evenly coated with the sauce. Perfect for a movie night at home.
We also tried the Green Curry Chicken with mushrooms, eggplants, cherry tomatoes and jasmine rice. We loved how this dish as well was served in a takeout box, and the plating was genius too! The takeout box was filled with alternate layers of rice and curry, making sure there is enough gravy to soak the rice up accurately.
Finally, for dessert we had the Coconut & Ginger and Date & caramel. Served in cute little cups, these desserts were an absolute delight. Perfectly sweet and surprisingly light, you simply cannot stop at one serving.
The Bill:
Chicken Sui Mai – Dhs16
Papaya Salad – Dhs16
Tom Yum soup – Dhs18
Chilli Basil Beef – Dhs34
Green Curry Chicken – Dhs32
Coconut & Ginger – Dhs14
Date & Caramel – Dhs14

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5

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