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In 1965, Ruth Fertel who was a single mother bought entrepreneur Chris Matulich’s New Orleans joint, and thus the name of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was formed. Ever since its inception, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was the talk of the town and about 50 years later, the legacy of the steakhouse is still being kept alive at The Address, Dubai Marina.
What’s not to love about Ruth’s when you step into the dimly lit restaurant. The captivating red hues, maroon leather booths, crystal adorned chandeliers and servers that were looking dapper! Our visit came with a special touch of having little hearts adorning our table and two glasses of bubbly to welcome us with a perfectly blossomed rose. I guess now we have given a good enough hint as to what our motive was to dine at Ruth’s.
We were one of the lucky few couples to have sampled the Valentine’s Day Special Menu that will be presented to couples on 14th February. As it is, the atmosphere and vibe of Ruth’s is impeccably romantic. However, we loved the extra touch added by the staff at Ruth’s to make it a bit more romantic.
The Valentine’s Menu includes a three course menu of starters, mains and dessert. There is an option of five starters of which each couple gets to choose any three starters to share. The options include;
– Fine De Claire Oysters No 3 Served with Lemon and Red Shallot Vinegar (also known as Mignonette)
– Lightly blackened Sizzling Jumbo Scallops served with parsley pesto and a touch of lemon butter.
– Voodoo Shrimp which is black tiger shrimp fried golden crispy, tossed in spicy Sriracha sauce served on a bedding of chopped salad.
– Seared Ahi Tuna perfectly complimented by a spirited sauce with hints of mustard and beer
– Thinly sliced tenderloin Carpaccio served with shaved parmesan cheese, fresh ground black pepper and Caesar dressing.
We opted for the Jumbo Scallops which were three perfectly seared scallops served with a mildly spices sauce that doesn’t overpower the flavor of the scallop.
We also opted for the “Voodoo Shrimp” that was most definitely the best starter of the three we sampled. We loved the crispy outer crust of the shrimp and how perfectly well the thick glaze coated the shrimp. The Sriracha sauce (a type of hot sauce or chilli sauce) added spice and complemented the prawns well.
For our third sharing starter we opted for the Carpaccio which is thinly sliced (or pounded) raw beef tenderloin. The saltiness of the parmesan cheese along with the salad and beef was a very appetizing combination.
Once we were done with our starters, we then had to make a choice among three options for the main course. Our choices included;
– “Ahi Tuna Stack” which is seared rare tuna topped with colossal lump crabmeat, served sizzling with red pepper pesto
– “Beef Fillet with Black Truffle” which is an 8 oz cut of corn-fed Midwestern beef broiled and served with shavings of French black truffle.
– “New York Strip” which is a USDA prime, full bodied 12oz cut.
With each main you also get to choose a side of either roasted Brussels sprouts, pan roasted cremini mushrooms and fresh asparagus served with hollandaise sauce.

We opted for the Ahi Tuna Stack with a side of asparagus. We loved how the portion of Tuna served was very generous and the way it was cooked was spot on. The crabmeat too added a good flavor to the overall dish, but didn’t add much as far as aesthetic appeal is concerned.
We also had the Beef Fillet with Black Truffle and a side of mushrooms. We asked for our fillet to be cooked medium rare and it was cooked perfectly to our liking. The truffle added a nice earthiness to the dish and the sautéed mushrooms complemented the meat perfectly. Definitely a winner!
Its also worth noting, our mains were cooked in a 1800(F) degree oven and served on sizzling 500(F) degree plate and yet both are mains were perfectly cooked! A signature at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Finally, for dessert, we were presented with a gorgeous “Ruth’s Heart Shaped Cheesecake” with fresh berries. Loved the presentation of the cake and the flavor too was delicious! The sharing concept really adds to the feeling of Valentine’s Day, moreover, after this cheesecake you are left feeling happy and satisfied
The Bill:
Valentines Dinner for a Couple – Dhs690

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Value – 3/5

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