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Be it a laid back night out for drinks or a casual dinner date, Tribeca Kitchen and Bar is definitely a place we’d recommend for a visit you’ll never regret. The layout and atmosphere of this New York initiated neighborhood is implemented perfectly with a quirky, trendy and slightly bohemian set up. We loved the attention to detail, eye catching and effervescent artwork and also the mismatched furniture that added to the originality of this place. Ofcourse, it is quite evident that we are non-drinkers so this post may not be of much help when it comes to drinks, however (and obviously) we did sample some of the best dishes Tribecca has to offer and if that seems to be of interest to you, then keep reading.
One thing that is pretty evident and quite enthralling was that Tribecca tries its utmost best to make everything that comes out of the kitchen – organic; who knew? We were pretty stoked to see how Tribecca implements healthy cooking and diet-friendly ingredients into wholesome and delicious food. It’s not that Tribecca requires the best of the best when it comes to food since their mind blowing live music and vibe suffices to bring one back here.
An attempt to be quality and health conscious while trying to please the general public with mouthwatering food seems like quite a task. However, we felt that Tribecca faired pretty well. We started off with a Bruschetta Sampler which consists of three slice of bruschetta topped with Tomato, Walnut Tapenade and Porcini Mushrooms. We loved how toasted quinoa bread was used instead of regular bread, however we wished the bread was a little less soggy. The walnut tapenade was a bit too greasy for our liking however we loved the freshness of the tomato salsa and the texture of the porcini mushrooms with the bread.
Next, we tried a simple appetizer of Grilled Prawns marinated in olive oil and lemon with a hint of chilli and garlic. Prawns were cooked perfectly and we loved how the chilli and garlic didn’t overpower the prawns. It was a very simple and delicious dish that might require a salad or dip on the side to wrap it up perfectly.
From the “Little Italy” section, we tried the Organic Ravioli stuffed with beetroot and mascarpone with pea foam and sage butter. The beetroot puree had a pleasant consistency and the pasta was perfectly thin. The sage butter was a smart choice to uplift the richness of this dish.
For mains, we tried the Chilean sea bass glazed in organic honey and served with pea puree. Loved how beautifully the dish was presented making it very appealing to the eye. The flakiness of the sea bass a lot with the honey glaze and pea puree added a nice sweetness and delicateness to the dish.
Finally, we also tried the humble free range grilled chicken breast with caramelized figs, aged feta and Cajun mayonnaise. It tasted like the classic grilled chicken you get at any regular bistro. The caramelized figs added a nice sweetness and texture to the chicken.
For dessert we had the Tribeca cheesecake which steamed cheesecake made with almond crumble and passion fruit served in a 3 tier glass tower. Another beautifully presented dish that might have split reviews at the table. If you like your desserts to be tart, then this would definitely be a treat. We also loved the deconstructed effect of this dessert.
For our final dish of the day, we had the Organic chocolate molten cake with organic vanilla ice cream. Definitely not the best molten (or fondant) we’ve had. However, it is a healthy version of most fondants you get in Dubai, so for the health freaks, we’d recommend you giving this a go.
The Bill:
Bruschetta Sampler – Dhs50
Grilled Prawns – Dhs70
Organic Ravioli – Dhs75
Chilean Sea Bass – Dhs145
Grilled Chicken Breast – Dhs120
Tribeca Cheesecake – Dhs40
Organic Chocolate Molten Cake – Dhs40

Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

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