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They claim to be the best soft serve ice cream in Dubai which is a pretty valiant statement to make. So we obviously had to head down to Trident Grand Residence, JBR and visit Milkcow.

Milkcow, that is eminently known for its organic ice cream made from honey and organic milk had initially launched in Korea and ever since, rest in history. Establishing its mark all over Asia, it was only a matter of time before UAE opened its doors to Milkcow. Luckily for us, on January 28th, Milkcow launched its first (and most definitely not last) store in Dubai.

It is true what they say about Milkcow’s soft serves being addictively good. There is something about their lusciously soft ice cream that tastes like no other; to an extent that you can never enjoy a soft serve from anywhere else. The flavor and consistency of the ice cream itself (without the toppings) is sufficient enough to make you order a second serving.

However, another trademark of Milkcow is their eccentric and quirky topping using cotton candy, jelly beans, honey comb and a lot more that make these soft serve look absolutely whimsical. We really wish we could try all 14 flavors and review them for you, unfortunately WhereMyFoodAt are just two people. Here’s what we tried and loved;
– “Santorini” which is milky soft serve ice cream with Oreo crumbles, tropical blue syrup, peanut and pistachio crumble and cotton candy. If you love clicking pictures and are a social media fanatic, then this is definitely the topping to go for. We loved the giant candy floss on top that seemed to turn a lot of heads.
– “Pop Star” which is milky soft serve ice cream with caramel syrup and caramel popcorn. We love caramel, popcorn and ice cream. And for Milkcow to combine the three and call it a “Pop Star” is genius!
– “Black Pearl” which has toppings of chocolate almonds, sea salt and hazelnut syrup is highly recommended for chocolate lovers, it’s not your regular softies with chocolate sauce on top.
– “Arabian Dates” with date honey and chopped up dates is a special topping introduced only in the UAE. We loved the texture of the chopped up dates on top and the sweetness overload that gave us a pretty good kick.
What we loved about these four softies we’ve tried is that fact that no matter what your topping is, the milky soft serve will always shine through. When we spoke to the Managing Director, Siyuan Zhang, he insisted on trying the “Milky Honey” on our next visit which has honeycomb as a topping (he says it’s his personal favorite). Another interesting flavor that we definitely will try on our next visit is the “Milky Peace” with toppings of pistachio syrup, sunflower seeds and cashew clusters. Sounds absolutely delicious!

The Bill:
Santorini – Dhs27
Pop Star – Dhs25
Black Pearl – Dhs27
Arabian Dates – Dhs25

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